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  • 1) I have the latest nightly of WordPress, and it wont let me “uncheck” the “An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below).” I click update settings and after it refreshes the it is still checked and still on.
    2) I was wondering (though I did little research on it) how to make it so users can register and then edit their own comments, does it do it automatically?
    3) I put my login form on the main page on top so that users could login and register easily, but now I dont have it to it remembers if you’ve logged in and instead says “Welcome, $user_name” or w/e. How would I get it to “remember” when people have logged in and then not diplay the login field?
    Sorry, these questions are quite noobish…
    btw, if you want to see what im talking about here my site:

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  • 1) I am not having that problem (but I have been upgrading all along). Did you remember to run upgrade? Just a thought.
    2) Users can edit their own posts and any comments to their posts.
    3) Not sure I get that question, will have to think about it.

    1) nope i did a fresh install, is that bad?
    2) I meant if users that just sign up to comment can edit their own comments
    Thanks for the fast reply

    Yes, but users can’t edit their own comments, at least not out of the box, which I think is what he was asking.
    I’m not sure if I understood the third point either.

    1) Nope
    2) Nope. Once a comment has been made it can only be edited by the administrator or the user who wrote the initial post.
    3) Need a link to see what you are talking about.

    here: Link
    At the top where you can login, i want it to just say “welcome” if you are already logged in, if you understand that. But i guess if users cant edit their own posts it doesnt make sense having them register.
    Is there a way i can edit it so that users can sign up just to write comments and then edit their comments?

    I fixed the first problem, just had to uncheck “notify other blogs” option and then the comments must be moderated option.

    Anyone know of one?

    Does anyone know about how i could do this, so that once people have signed it the website will remember them (with cookie?) and then instead of showing the login forms it would say welcome?

    Sorry for so many posts, but also how would i implement a Autologin feature, and a checkbox that lets you autologin everytime you come in PHP?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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