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  • Hi there. Love the theme.
    have 3 questions for you which I can not find correct answer to in the forum.
    1 – Is there a simple way to, on the main page, make the circles with page title written in it to be linked to posts/pages with the fade-in/out feature as they originally do and other circles with pictures in it to be just pictures in full color without being a link or fade-in/out?
    2 – Is it possible to have the circles in interior pages just as full color circle pictures and not links?
    3 – On the main page, how do I re-order which circel appear in which position? Is there an order feature I am not seeing as there is on the pages?

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    1) It looks like you’ve already found the other thread where I touched on this.

    2) Not sure what you mean about the circles on interior pages. Have an example?

    3) They’re ordered in Descending order by post date. You can change the dates on your posts to display them in a specific order.

    Hi Caroline. Again I love the template. Thanks so much for doing such a great work.

    1) I found the page but do not get it. Are there some clearer instructions I can follow to get that done, please?

    2) I would like to have some pictures (in circles like in the main page) to show in the interrior pages without them coming out in the main page. Does that make sense? I am thinking maybe the easiest way would be to just make the pictures and crop them into circles and input them like that…

    3) Perfect… thanks… that is one problem resolved… 🙂

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    1) Sorry, this is an advanced customization and not something I’ve tried myself, so not something I can elaborate on. It’s possible someone else will chime in with a solution, though.

    2) Depending on how you want them to function, yes, it would probably be easiest to insert the pictures into the page and apply a border-radius with CSS to make them into circles.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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