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  • Hello, first thanks for looking! What I was trying to do is have the 3 most recent posts on my WP front page regardless to when they were actually posted. Is there an option I am missing? The initial post on WP from 1969 and another I set back to April of this year don’t show up at all but the one I posted today do? Is there a way to have X number of posts show up regardless to when they were posted?? Help would be greatly appreciated (or even better search terms)!

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  • What you are describing is supposed to be the default behaviour. Go to your admin panel, Options > Reading, and you’ll find an option to set how many of the posts to display.

    Thanks for the reply, I did that (I belive) but it isn’t working. In that section I have it set up to show at most 3 posts and it doesn’t work, it just shows one post I made today. Also when I go and change it to show at most 3 days it shows just one post. Any other ideas???

    It could be that you are using a theme that is designed to display only one post on the home page. What theme are you using? Try switching to the default theme and see if it works.

    Have you tried using different numbers of posts and seeing if it works in those other configurations? Do you see five posts when you set it to show five, ten posts when you set it to show ten, etc?

    Hmm strangely enough when I changed it to 5 posts three showed up and when it was on 3, only 1 showed up :S Thanks though, hopefully it will “stay” fixed.

    does certainly sound like a theme issue — if it’s always -2 from the number you set…


    Or jeti2 hasn’t noticed he can change “days” to “posts” in the same place.

    …my God. I’ve known “posts” was a pull-down list since I don’t know when, but it never registered in my head that it can be changed to anything else.

    But then again, “posts” should be the default setting, if I recall correctly?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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