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  • Hello

    Been working with your plugin for a little bit now and have grown to appreciate it very much.
    I do however have some issues I hope you can help with.

    1st) I cannot get the Notification emails to show the header image. The section you have created called EMAIL DESIGN shows at the very top someone can upload a header image but it never shows anywhere.

    2nd) Using conditional logic seems to be great when the settings take effect but I seem to have to constanlty go back into a form and re-save the conditional logic setting for many fields even though they show the correct settings.

    3rd) I noticed whenever I use the feature Duplicate Form to copy a form, I cannot use the Quick Switch drop down to immediately go to the duplicated form. If I use the quuick switch drop down right away the plugin simply duplicates the form again instead of switching to it. I have to click on All Forms and then edit the newly duplicated form.

    Any help is appreciated

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  • I’ve noticed exactly the same issues. No 1 is particularly irritating me at the moment, and points 2 & 3 have been wasting my time.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    On #1, are you saying that when sending a copy of the results to the user the email image isn’t included? If you choose not to send an copy, the notification is simply plain text that you insert.

    In my case, the header doesn’t turn up in the preview. I upload it (I’ve set dimensions exactly and tried jpg and png) and then it just comes up ‘no file selected’, and nothing on the preview.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    I’ve discovered a bug when uploading the email header image that snuck into the last update. It’s minor and will be corrected in the next release.

    Awesome! Thanks so much. Will have to add awesome support to my review.

    Any thoughts on points 2 & 3? They are not as critical IMO, all the functionality is there, they’d just be time savers.

    Yes, Just as Jared stated on issue 1, the image simply does not show up in the preview or in the confirmation email. Glad to here you found the bug.

    I also agree with Jared on 2 & 3, they are irritating but once you have worked around them everything works well. It just takes more time to get something done.

    I have also a REQUEST if possible. While working with forms I have found that sometimes I need to delete a group of fields and end up having to delete them one at a time which takes a long time. Am I missing a function somewhere that lets you delete multiple feilds or is this just not a feature? If not can it be added in the future?
    Maybe a drag to trash so we don’t have to expand the field and then click delete or maybe a bulk action that allows us to check off fields or highlight them for deletion.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    On the conditional logic, are you changing the field name/options often? After you setup the rules?

    I’ll take a look at the form duplication issue you mentioned. The flow there can probably be improved to prevent that.

    As far as the bulk edit on the form items, it’s not a feature at this time but I’ll certainly investigate how that might be done, if at all.

    As far as conditional logic goes. I always set the name and configure the values first. Save the form and then configure conditional logic after the form save so that the field names get set.

    I will list my work flow just in case it helps identify how this issues occurs.

    1)Create new form
    2)Add fields to fieldset
    3)Rename and configure field values (not conditional logic)
    4)Save Form (I do this step before changing conditional logic)
    5)Open fields requiring conditions logic and conditions (Mostly show if)
    6)Save Form
    7)Add form tag to page
    8)Check form on live site page

    At this point, typically if there is more than one field with conditional logic set to enabled only random ones will actually work.
    Maybe only the first one that was configured and all others won’t.

    I will end up going back to the form and opening each individual field that does not work and clicking the Conditional logic button then simply clicking save again without changing anything.
    Then check the form again in a browser after a Temp files clear and page refresh.

    Sometimes this will do it and other times I have to re-save the conditional logic settings in more fields multiple times before they all work.

    The update fixed the header issue, thanks heaps!

    Pretty similar to slappman. Re the conditional logic, I only have a 2-3 conditional logic fields, not that complex.

    But once I one or two fields, I’d and then have to resave every conditional logic section for the form to work.

    I can’t seem to get the email design banner to show as well. I have it sized properly and in JPG format. I have version 2.2.4 and just installed it yesterday. I haven’t looked into the code yet although just wanted to see if there was a quick fix. The emails come through just fine… just no graphic banner shows… I have used this plugin many times though without a hitch… and it is plain awesome!

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