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  • I just installed WordPress for the first time.

    I followed the 5-minute install directions. All went well until I ran the install script. I discovered that I had to change the host name. I changed the host name, and uploaded the revised wp-config.php.

    It worked–the blog was running on my site–but the install script said I had already installed WordPress. I never was assigned a password. I tried typing “admin” but it asks for the password I didn’t get.

    After poking around to no avail, I deleted everything, then reinstalled.

    This time around, I uploaded everything into the root. I again got the “already installed” message, so I again didn’t get a password. The blog is there (, but this time, without any styles, and none of the links work.

    Where did I go wrong and what should I do?

    I used Fetch to upload the files. My web skills and knowledge are minimal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Delete (drop) the tables in the database and try a fresh install. You are trying to install again and again into the same DB and tables – that’s why it gives you the already installed message.

    Edit, and don’t give your folders names like “wordpress.1” – it is not valid!

    Thanks very much for your quick reply and helpful information, moshu. Following the instructions in your post, I

    logged on to my host
    accessed mySQL Administration
    clicked on the items in the database
    dropped the tables.

    The “wordpress.1” was a remnant from the first install before I knew what I was doing (relatively speaking), so after reinstalling directly into the root, it’s now working fine. All my problems were resolved.

    Thanks a million!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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