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  • Nowhere in the docs, a Nocks fee is mentioned. I did a test, payed 10 NLG, and my wallet was credited with 9.7 NLG, so 3% less.

    Is the fee 3% for all amounts?

    Would be a nice addition to the FAQ to mention this.

    Payment went super-smoothly BTW, thanks!

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  • On the website it says:
    Buy/Sell Gulden: 0.5% + €0,25 for each transaction
    Nocks Checkout: €0,05 per Gulden transaction and you don’t worry about any exchange anomalies.
    Nocks Trade: 0.25% per filled order. You also pay €0,25 or 0.1 NLG for withdrawals, but deposits are free.

    I would have expected costs to be Euro 0,05. Thinking it is a checkout transaction. Seems it is looked upon as a buy/sell transaction. Weird.

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