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  • I’m new to WordPress. My employer wants me to change our current theme from 1 column and widget sidebar to a 3 column, sidebar optional type of thing.

    The problem is, the columns have to be filtered for only specific categories. Ex) Column 1 is Announcements only, column 2 is tips and column 3 is everything else.

    I’m not certain that I can do categorize the columns like that. I’m not even sure if I can even modify our current theme “GamePress” to a 3 column layour and have it look good.

    Is this possible?

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  • esmi


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    Yes – it’s possible but a great deal depends upon your level of skill with HTML, PHP & CSS. You may want to start by reviewing multiple Loops as you will need these techniques to populate each of your columns.

    You can make your home page uses 3 different loops, in each one you will specify the category like that :query_posts('category=category-slug-name');
    See for any details on how to do that.

    If you are not familiar with wordpress functions and files hierarchy, I recommend you learn how to handle it. There are a lots of tuts and books to start with.
    At first it may look overwhelming, but once you’re in it, you’ll realize the true potential of wordpress.

    It’s helpful, thank you. I feel like this assignment is far outside the scope of what I can achieve.

    I really don’t understand WordPress well to begin with. Any idea on how to make multiple columns?



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    That’s really a general HTML/CSS issue – not a WordPress-specific one.

    Esmi is right.
    First you need to know a little bit about css and html.
    If you do not know about it, then it will be quite hard to let you understand the steps to achieve what you need.

    I understand CSS and HTML quite well. PHP I understand as well. The problem here, is I don’t understand where to begin making changes in the WordPress editor. There are far too many pages, with far too many functions that I don’t understand. I’m not even sure where to edit the amount of columns displayed…

    I’m throwing in the towel. Thanks for the help anyway guys.

    So what you need is to understand wordpress.
    It is not as complicated as you could think(in some cases it is actually). It is just PHP after all.

    If you need to know about wp files, try this tutorial on the subject :

    For my part I bought the “Smashing WordPress Themes” book and it has been my “bible” during a long period.

    Try it ! I promise it won’t bite. 🙂



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    This level of coding is really beyond the scope of the support we are able to provide in the forum, as it requires custom code to be written and tested. Start with Theme Development and familiarise yourself with The Loop. If you have any specific questions, we can help but something as broad a how to approach a whole new design is a little too much.

    You can do it if you take it one step at a time.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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