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    i downloaded 3 columns themes. i used it on my site but when i choose any of these themes, the 3 columns just become one. in other words, the sidebars appear underneath the posts.

    how could i fix this?


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  • If none of them works properly… the problem might be with your posts and other content.

    Reminder: questions related to themes, layout, design can NOT be answered without a link!

    site is at:

    actually, if you click on the other links, the 3 columns work. it’s the homepage that doesn’t give the 3 column layout. where should i go to solve the problem?


    There are many three column themes. You need to point to the url of the theme as Moshu pointed out. And then you are better off first asking the theme author. It looks like andreas04 theme. Have you talked with Taura yet?

    Here is a list of other three column themes:

    A quick peek suggest your images are your problem.

    To start with, you need to declare the size of your images ie: width=”200″ height=”100″ in your [img src] html so that it renders correctly. It’s also a good habit to add an alt=tag as well for those with reading impairments, and rely on reading machines to view your site. A nice descriptive text tag that states what your image is will suffice.

    ex. You have:
    [p align=”center”][img src=”
    studio.jpg” align=”top” /][/p]

    To answer your query: It’s my understanding that if your theme page is 760px wide (in total) and your content area is 220px wide, and your sidebars (left & right) are approx. 270px wide each, (check your css for exact width) you have to take their individual widths into consideration when you add images, especially when you don’t declare size or clear the floating element with a clearing div.

    It appears that your images are too big for your content section, which will force your sidebars down to make room for the content section display.

    Do you understand?

    thanks angsuman. i will check the link. actually, am testing out different themes and checking which one would be best for me. that’s when i know it’s always the FIRST page that’s a problem. when clicking to the other pages, it works fine. thanks…

    katgirl, i am trying to understand what you have just said. i will check the css for this. thanks so much.

    thanks Katgirl!! I finally solved it. 🙂 it’s the image. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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