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  • That doesn’t work like that.
    Try to find a 3 column theme:

    Thx moshu.

    sidebar.php will have then 2 divs 😉

    If your question is how to include a 3rd file, you can use something like this:
    <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/3rd_column.php'); ?>

    Not in the default theme – it will bork the whole layout. So, that’s a wrong advice, lobsterman!

    I didn’t spent much time messing with the default theme, but with any theme you attempt adding a third column, you need to make sure the HTML works out. from the question, I understood that he got the HTML sorted, and was just looking for a way to include it, to which my advice is perfect.

    reading it again, It doesn’t say anywhere that he’s using the default theme.

    I just checked your site but I don’t see what WP theme it is. It looks like you got someone to design it. If not, then what is the theme you are using and where can it be downloaded. I have a generic description on my blog concerning how to add a 3rd column. However, it varies with the them. Here is the link to my post –

    lobsterman: I didn’t spent much time messing with the default theme
    I knew that at once just reading your reply 😉 In default you have to re-do the whole bg image if you want a wider layout, plus work on the width values in the stylesheet, so my reply saying it is not simple… was also perfect.
    At the links I gave he could find even the 3 col K.

    Cutting the /whatever.gif from the OP’s URL it shows you his blog – with the Default K. theme.



    I just modified the default wp theme and now I have 3 general colums where the first one has been split in 2, a hack in index.php from the theme directory.

    Sidebar.php has 2 divs, much simple like that from my opinion, I can control easyer my information in only one file 🙂

    Take a look: Iubesc Brasovul

    Have Fun!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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