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  • Hi!
    I need a template or help to build one myself with 3 rows in 3 columns.

    How do I do that kinda thing with divs and css?
    Does anyone know of a finished template that I could use?

    Thanks for any help!


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  • Tell us a bit more about what you want.

    And you’re always free to use Neptune as a starting point.

    I want a layout which looks like a table with 3 columns that each have 3 rows in it… 9 “boxes” in total…
    Above them all, there should be a header stretching over the 3 columns…
    The whole thing has to be centered on the site..

    This might give you some idea 🙂

    Richard Dows’ News Theme

    the link won’t work 🙁

    Looks like, I am getting tired 🙂

    News Theme

    … that’s not really it 🙁

    The columns are ok, but I need 3 rows in each column. I want to load entries from different categories in each row…

    any idea, how I do that??

    I thought about doing the whole layout with tables since I have no idea how to construct it with div containers 🙁

    Yes, I have worked on something similar recently. Have a look at this. Is it what you’re after? If it is, it would be easy to give each column a seperate category to display. Feel free to do what you like with the source code, you could use it as your base.

    If you want to build it from scratch, this tutorial should help.

    Thanks a lot for the link, but that’s also not exactly what I want 🙁

    The site should look like this

    3 times 3 boxes….

    If you’re displaying data in a grid like that, use a table…. It CAN be done using divs, but tables are for gridded tabular data, so take the easy road here.

    Warning: I mostly break things when I try any CSS stuff, so take this with a grain of salt.

    I think you could take any of the three column layouts above and add <div>s inside the columns to break them up into boxes. You’d have to assign a class or id to each one. Then in the stylesheet, you could control things like the border, margins and padding, (possibly) the vertical positioning and (possibly) the size of the box. If you don’t do fixed vertical positions, they may not line up depending what is in each box.

    Alternately, you could probably achieve the same thing by putting a list with three items in each column and style the list items to make your boxes. Again, you’d have to tinker to make sure they line up in a perfect grid.

    I know there is a lot of resistance to the use of tables for anything but “tabular data”, but you might just consider tables. Are you wanting a perfectly aligned grid simply for esthetics or is everything in column 2 related and everything in row 2 related, etc. If so, that is a proper use of tables.

    🙂 Thanks for your hints…

    the thing is that I wanted to use tables right from the start, but in another forum, I was told that this wouldn’t be contemporary – no one would do it… so I tried the whole thing with DIVs 🙂

    I think I’ll use a table anyway… tried everything with css, but when you get it looking right in Safari, you can be shure IE or Mozilla or Netscape is messing it up….

    Thanks a lot anyway… 🙂

    Btw… I have 9 categories and in each box, I want to show posts from just one of the categories… how can I achieve that?

    Is there a plugin for that kinda things existing? Or can it be done with a simple tag??

    Yikes. I wouldn’t call it simple. I’m not even sure what will happen if you try to put 9 Loops on a page, but here’s where you need to start.

    There is a lot of resistance to the use of tables even for their original purpose which is the display of tabular data. Then again, unless you are seriously concerned with “what other people think”, you probably for the moment should just do what gets it looking the way you want it and working ditto, THEN worry about getting it out of tables if you want to.

    Um. Can’t help you with the “9 categories, 1 in each box” thing. You might go to and do a search for “multiple categories”….

    Btw… I have 9 categories and in each box, I want to show posts from just one of the categories… how can I achieve that?

    @ Livia

    I haven’t tested it !


    good luck;-)

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