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    I am trying to modify the kubrik theme that came with wordpress into a 3 column theme. I am creating static pages and templates for the site.

    My question is when you enter the info into the page content area from the admin, is there a way to tell it that one chunk of info should go to column b and another chunk to column c?

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  • No.

    In WordPress, the columns are known as Sidebars, which you have to include in the Single.php of your theme.

    Therefore, whatever content you want to put, you would have to put them in those two sidebar of yours.


    • Put links to your facebook profile in LeftSidebar.php
    • Put links to your flickR profile in RightSidebar.php
    • Include LeftSidebar.php and RightSidebar.php in the Single.php

    Thanks, I can handle that.

    I do have one more question. All the content that I am going to want in the main column (page content stuff) is going to need some serious formatting…Ive read other posts and stuff and from the sound of it you cant use the code tab and input divs and stuff and make it work.

    Does anyone know of a way that I could work that out?





    I understand that I would use CSS, thats a given. What im referring to is when I did my searching a lot of people where saying that wordpress was changing their tags and it didnt display properly.

    WordPress won’t change tags that us use to design your blog. The hardest thing will be to make sure that you use the same tags across all pages or in some cases make sure you use separate organized tags that let you identify problems quickly when adapting plugins etc.

    For large plugins with a lot of styling, you may consider creating a separate CSS file for each and including them into the header.

    I understand that wordpress isnt going to mess with my styleheet but i am in need of the ability to insert div tags into my pages but wordpress keeps changing my div tags to p tags.

    I have spent some time searching and havent found anything, could anyone at least point me to somewhere to start?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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