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  • hi guys!
    here’s a template i made for my site. its 3-columned, neat and professional looking. you may see it here.

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  • sorry to post again. its me… actually i wanted to say is that you may download it and use it also… sorry again for posting two posts in place of one.
    -abhi (that’s my name)… 🙂

    Nice template! It truly is… laconic. 😉




    Ok, I don’t want to offend you abhi, so I won’t talk about how wrong it is to use tables to control layout. *shudders* at the thought.

    Yes. As our friend memorably pointed out in an earlier thread many of us do not use tables for layout. It is a religious thing. 🙂

    um sorry abt tat guys… didn’t knew it… may be i will make a no table layout later… any tips???

    Well as an example of a web standards implementation of a fixed width 3 column template with colored menu bgs, fixed footer, and CSS 1 positioning, adapted for WordPress the Trident template might get you started.

    Nice work. The layout is as good as web standards currently allow.
    My complaint is that web standards don’t allow what I would really want.
    That said, I like your template.

    Well thanks. The dark winter o’er our lands of CSS positioning is set to lift a little with CSS 3. But we can not rely on MS Longhorn to support the underlying xhtml. Clever isnt it? I liked your blog.

    i saw trident n awh’s layout… they r cool… well gotta work on the css version of my template… 😉 and when will css3 be released??? for that matter when will ms longhorne be released???

    Thanks, folks. Good luck, abhi.

    I’ve got a completely hacked up three column layout at my site. It uses CSS to place the columns and a separate header. You can see it at

    @billh. Can you tell us what happens to that template when one of the menus becomes longer than the content?



    Sorry about not getting back. What happens is that the page is as long as the longest of the three columns. The longest column determines the length of the page. The other two columns are ended and blank space is shown below the final item in them. I have changed a number of the DIV ID tags to DIV CLASS tags and used the ID tags only for the four basic areas of the blog: header (includes all the top of the page content), reader column (on the left – contains stuff for the reader), content column (center), and author column (right column – contains stuff about the author — ME!).


    is this a good way to make a 3-column?
    sorry, it’s my first time trying this by scratch and
    AWH story says to make 3-columns with footer and header



    *claps* as long as it validates it is good.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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