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  • I apologize if this issue has already been addressed, I was unable to find a solution on the forums so far.

    I have a custom 3-column layout ( On the two side columns I am using query_posts(‘cat=x&showposts=x’) to grab the info from the categories. My issue lays within the middle column. The home.php works fine because in the middle column I am querying which categories to use, but I’d like to use the same 3-column layout with the index.php and have whatever category be displayed in the middle column.

    Right now this is not working. Without querying a specific category in the middle column it just displays the same category for every page. To see what I mean go to and click on a link on the menu up top.

    I am using wp 2.3.

    Any help with this issue is GREATLY appreciated. And again I am sorry if this has already been addressed on another thread.

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