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  • Hi everybody,

    I’m using the 3 Column K2 theme on my blog and I’ve found a small navigation problem with categories.

    Category only shows me the last 5 posts when I ckick on Category link on the side barIt doesand does not give me the option to view previous entries in the category.

    I’m missing the « Previous Entries and Next Entries » on the bottom of each category page.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?


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  • I’m new to WordPress and K2 and am migrating a site over from Nucleus. So far I’m loving WordPress.

    Here is my issue, the advanced navigation (AJAX slider at top of page) works great when browsing past posts from the homepage. However, when I got to a specific category and try to browse its past posts, the navigation shows the correct number of pages for that category but displays the post results for all categories when I go back.

    Here is the working example on my development site:
    Homepage with nav working –
    A Category with nav not working –

    Oddly, when I use Firebug to see what the javascript is asking for it gives me this URL.
    The URL looks good – has the cat id, has the page requested. It’s the result that doesn’t match. Somehow the cat is NOT getting in the mySQL query that is pulling results.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I’d like to go live with the new WordPress powered version of the site any day now.




    Honest to god, Im not trying pawn you off to somewhere else but k2 is really a little more than a simple theme, its like, kinda a modification .. meaning I really suggest posting this question to their own support forums, also, if you havent already.

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