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  • anyone know of a 3 column FLUID layout?
    or where i could find decent xhtml compliant code to start off with, like a tutorial. but i dont want junk code.
    i saw some blogs , i have kubrick, i tried lee’s templates, i will eventually figure this out. even if i could use the default WP template and just add ANOTHER column, that would be the sprinkles on the icing.
    thanks in advance!

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  • If you need an explanation of the css file I have one
    hope that helps

    Some “starter” pages:
    All fluid:
    Center fluid:
    Good site on columnar layout issues:

    Root’s Vesuvius is a 3 column flexible interface (layout) but his site is down. However you can download it from this site:

    Great, thanks all!
    One more thing though – are the fluid layouts above LESS cross-browser compliant/compatible than other layouts?
    For instance, fixed width 2 column is more compliant/cross browser friendly than 3 column fixed, and 3 column fixed more than 3 column fluid?
    I’ll most likely go with a 3 col fixed if this is the case.
    Thanks again!

    Those from the link I gave above are pretty much cross-browser compliant/compatible…
    I am using Vesuvius myself (a modified version, but without touching the core layout.

    Fluid designs are not necessarily more or less compliant. Fluid designs are harder to make compatible across many browsers, but that’s a different issue.

    My site is skinable, and most of the styles are fluid to some degree. I have some three-column styles with the side columns to left and right, and some with both side columns on the right. Then there’s one with only one side column and the items in the second side column eliminated.
    The styles called “Black And White” and “Mommy Monster” are completely fluid. The other styles with columns to either are semi-fluid, with fixed side columns and a fluid center. The styles with the columns on the right are not fluid at all. Most of these look fine across various browsers and are more or less compliant.
    I’ve considerably hacked my index.php in order to make it three columns.
    In playing around with all of these styles, what I found was that it wasn’t hard to have two or three columns and a footer if the side columns were static. But it was hard to have two columns and a footer with the side columns both the same length and everything fluid. Better heads than mine may have solved these problems.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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