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  • well, i took the dots design, and i finally made it a true 3 column design instead of a 2 column made to look like a 3 col one. if anyone wants my template, let me know. although i had to make changes to the index too.

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  • That looks suspiciously and horribly reminiscent of gif spacers to me.

    I am really fond of your Trident Template, but I’m having some problems by moving the content more to the left as you can see on my weblog ( I tried to reduce the with of the menus in the css but it didn’t worked for me.

    Well it all looks cool now unless there is something I am not seeing or you want to do something else. Or is it that you want to move the menu ul in a bit? . I can certainly help if I just get a slightly clearer idea of where you are headed. A very nice looking style so far. You must be really pleased.

    Just a follow up. I have defined the class .post in the CSS. It still has margin-left 15 px; in there . That would help.

    @root: the pink lilies example doesn’t use absolute positioning, it just uses floats. (They both remove elements from the document flow, so your point still stands, but still. :P)
    Absolute positioning has its advantages, and it doesn’t always lead to broken pages.
    Ironically, putting the pink lily floats inside an absolutely positioned container actually fixes the menu-overlap problem you so hate. Example. (Renders right in FF0.92, Opera 7, IE6, required 1 change to the template and a few changes to the CSS.)

    Yeah, that was excatly what I wanted to do 🙂 But I have still some design questions…*g*
    – How can I make the comments bigger (I tried it with the class “p, li, .feedback” but also the main text got bigger)?
    – How can I move the date (I want it to be right under the title)?

    Comment font-size can be styled with #commentlist p:
    The date is styled I think with h2. Adjust the margins to taste.

    @ random. Your example was html so fixed content. The comment link went to the blog at the Alex Style Comp complete with overflow. Sorry.

    An interesting article by Eric Meyer on the absolute impossibility of positioning a footer in a two column layout if you are using position absolute for your menu.

    why not just junk the footer?

    Well if you want to then fine. What is disastrous is that treble combo of footer, long menu and absolutely positioned menu.

    Thanks for Trident Root – I’ve finally gotten around to tinkering with it for my site. It isn’t complete yet, but the preliminary view can be seen here. The colors need some work, but the importaint thing is that I’ve got all my menu elements visible again w/o uber scrolling.
    Danke, gracias, and kudos man!

    shoot…. nope, wrong URL, sorry should be: <- forgot the index2.php bit. 🙂

    What a fantastic looking blog. Congratulations. Delighted the template seems to be holding up. (touch wood). Let us know when you finally get settled. If you need help tastefully coordinating your color scheme you should check out podz’s new blog. Fantastic stuff :).

    Hey root, I noticed that in IE if you use the full screen view, your right side bar comes to the front and lies on top of the header basically covering the title.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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