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  • I have just inherited a blog project that’s a mess. There are 3 blogs running off of 1 installation (for ease of use they say) and the blogs are being dolled out to each URL based on a selected category. This sounds good in theory but there’s one big problem. Every post has the same main URL.

    Blog A – Most important and really the only one that we care about now
    Blog B – Important in the future but not really important now.
    Blog C – Not really important right now.

    Currently all URLs are coming from Blog B, which isn’t good. If I go to Blog A and click on a post heading to view the single page, I get redirected to Blog B’s single post page. In the RSS feed of Blog A, all posts are listed as In fact, I’m pretty sure to search engines it just looks like Blog A is listing Blog B’s data.

    I’m researching how to get every post to have the correct URL. It would be great if I could keep them in the same installation but I’m willing to split them up into separate installations if I need to. I just need Blog A’s posts counting for Blog A and having Blog A’s URL.

    Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

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