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  • I have thousands of different tags associated respectively with the content it relates toand i’ve also used all in one seo pack but when I do searches under some keywords I don’t pop up at all. My sites are all indexed under all three major search engines but this lack of keyword relevance is leading my competitors with overall less appealing sites having more presence and traffic. I’m actually stumped at this point because i’ve read just about everything I can related to seo but have hit what seems to the be the max in relevance that I myself can achieve. I average about 3.5k in traffic a day after 9 months of updating the main site daily and spending a minimum of 3-5 hours 5 days a week creating links in other sources back to my content and site.

    Where does one go from here on out? I understand that some would be happy with 3.5k in traffic a day after 9 months but i’ve seen competitors come along and have multiple times that number in shorter periods of time. I am promoting and reaching out to communities as much as they are, have redesigned my site, cleaned up validation issues, have a good standing and even have been fortunate to have google video pick up some of my content without me having to ask for it but damn i’ve hit a brick wall in terms of where to go from here…

    I know folks talk about the importance of validators and all that and compared to what once was of my site it is now as clean in script as I can get it…i’m just try and utterly stuck on how to get anymore traffic.

    my website

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    1. Your best shot at understanding SEO is a thorough study of alchemy.
    2. If you are talking about the ‘meta keyword=` tag, Google completely ignores it and I believe all of the major engines do as well. See here, here, and here for related information.

    I average about 3.5k in traffic a day after 9 months of updating the main site daily and spending a minimum of 3-5 hours 5 days a week creating links in other sources back to my content and site.

    Where are you creating those links? ‘Where’ is important. Some link-farm-like pages aren’t going to help and if ‘no-follow’ is set on, say, comments those aren’t going to help either.

    i’m just try and utterly stuck on how to get anymore traffic.

    Content people want, really, in my humble opinion…

    Found this one suggesting that two major engines do use the keyword meta tag, at least for some purposes.

    Im providing links from index’s that fall under the content I publish, the yahoo answers community and sidereel for example. I’m in the movie steam business so I have all the content a person searching for that would ever want..I just don’t have the online relevancy my competitors have even though I have backlinks from just about the same sources they do. I get like 6% traffic from google gives me absolutely no traffic nor does yahoo although I am indexed on both.

    There’s no content, and the document structure is incomplete. The most important element I see in there is an IFRAME that opens the website.

    If you were under the impression that creating links and traffic were all it takes to “be the max in relevance” then you need a wake up call.

    So we you’ve gone through and reviewed all the suggestions from Google Webmasters tools, and insights and your analytics and are tracking goals and all that as well? You can read all SEO articles you want, but you should heed the advice that the tools give you and actually make the suggested changes and see results, then tweak to your needs…

    Alchemy indeed…

    If you’re already getting over 1k/day you need to work on your content like apljdi said.

    — Humbly I point some things that may be a factor in this.
    – slow to load. in FF, Opera & safari it took over 7 secs to get the front page loaded.
    – If I disable styles (this is closer to what SE see). There isn’t much left there, lots of images but no content so maybe that has somethign to do with it too?
    – Looking at the source… seems that you have a lot of keywords, since there isn’t a lot of content on that same page, could it be considered “stuffing”? — but then again maybe this isn’t as highly considered anymore.
    – source view shows lots of scripts, keywords and links but no real content.

    Well then miqrogroove, perhaps instead of sounding so self righteous you’d like to share some tips..and there is content most posts actually have content description.

    Thanks Rakxzo, unfortunately it’s the trade off I had to take to have a visually interesting theme that would attract users. What’s shocking tho is that I actually have content for each of the video. IMDB synopsis etc. Perhaps its the theme but I can’t be sure of it at this point. I’ll look more into alchemy and into cutting down the loading time.

    You may have content once you go into it, but not on the front page. Take a look for yourself. Use firefox and switch from basic style to no style. then you’ll see, then also look at your generated sourcecode and you’ll see the same thing.

    Unless you’re a huge site, you can’t “trade off” good content for visually appealing site, unless your site is about showcasing vissually appealing objects. IMO.

    work on optimizing load times, and make your theme give a nice description of each video under it and that should help a bit.

    rakxzo and miqrogroove beat me to posting it but an hour or three ago I poked around some more and the first thought I had about was the sparsity of content. Drop your url in here or here. What a search engine sees is rather random looking set of words and a pile of links. rakxzo’s four points really look right on the mark to me.

    Thanks guys, I was curious as to what was seen in general and thought that since I was providing thumbnail sized previews the content description would automatically be viable on the home page but seems it’s not so i’ll make the necessary adjustments.

    Ok, i’ve added some home public video description will this work better now in terms of seo purposes and gaining search engine traffic?

    My feeling is that that should help. Give it some time though.


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