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  • I am using wordpress as a tool to blog news, and I would be happy if you could tell me how I could display the last 3 posts on the index page…So the visitors can see if there has been posted the latest news.. But how can I do that?? I want it to have the set up like this:
    date/clock topic title more>
    Would be glad for any help I can get….

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  • I do not have the “my hack” from false to true in my controlsystem..
    I’ve checked.. I don’t…
    I run with WP 0.72
    Is that why I can’t find the “my hack” thing?

    I think my-hacks.php didn’t come in until 1.0. I’m not sure how you could adapt that hack (the old way of hacking (pre 1.0) made you make changes to various core WP files).

    or just use postbypost in place of months in the getarchive function…
    well thats not a very accurate description but it does what u want i believe.

    It isn’t hard to upgrade from .072 to 1.0 – is it??
    Is there many of the code files that need to be changed???

    I want the index file to link to the posts on the news page. but I get a: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_recent_posts() in /web/www/frac/users/jondt/index.php on line 3, when I add the code…
    It works if I add the code on the news page..
    Is there any way I can modify the code so that it picks up the posts from the news.php page instead?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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