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    I updated Ninja Form to 3.4.0 on a number of websites, running a mix of WordPress 4.9.9 and 5.0.3. The update was done via Dashboard/Updates.
    Only 1 of the sites ran the database upgrade. Of the others running Query Monitor I see a database error on the page with a contact form.

    Query: SELECT maintenance FROM ep_nf3_upgrades WHERE id = 1
    Error message: Unknown column ‘maintenance’ in ‘field list’

    How can I force the database upgrade to run?

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    I’m really sorry you’re having this issue. Could you temporarily disable all other add-ons except Ninja Forms and any Ninja Forms add-ons that you have and switch to a default WordPress theme like TwentySixteen?

    If your still having this issue after disabling other plugins and switching to a default theme, would you mind to put a support ticket on our site:




    Same problem, contacted you via support page

    Plugin Contributor Justin McElhaney


    @daymobrew and @johnnyontheweb Our developers have identified the cause of the issue you are seeing and are working on a fix.



    Thanks, looking forward to receive it!



    I ran into the same problem this morning. Should I revert to a previous version of the plugin or should I wait for a fix?



    I have the same problem this morning. Please share the fix. Many thanks!



    I also have the same problem updating NF on a production site. I temporarily got round the error by adding a “maintainance” column to the wp_nf3_upgrades table but please share a fix ASAP thanks!

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    3.4.1 is out with a fix.



    Thank you for the prompt fix!



    I don’t have any “maintenance” column in the even after 3.4.1, just ID, CACHE, STAGE.



    Also having the same issue’s, 3.4.1 didn’t fix the problem for me.



    I have verified that my WordPress Ninja Forms plugin is at version 3.4.1. I have also checked with the MySQL backend. 3.4.1 hasn’t fixed this issue for me. The database still doesn’t seem to have the ‘maintenance’ column in the nf3_upgrades table. I run the WordPress 5.0.3 Apache-PHP7 docker container.

    My Chrome console log is:
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fields’ of undefined

    My WordPress log is:
    [Wed Jan 16 15:50:11.900129 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 165] [client] WordPress database error Unknown column ‘maintenance’ in ‘field list’ for query UPDATE wppi_nf3_upgrades SET maintenance = 0 made by do_action(‘wp_ajax_nf_remove_maintenance_mode’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, NF_AJAX_Controllers_Form->remove_maintenance_mode, WPN_Helper::set_forms_maintenance_mode, referer: {redacted}

    I can reproduce this when I put the following code I got from the Ninja Forms documentation site into the child theme functions.php:



    After 2 days, not a real reply and not fix. Not good.

    And the topic market as Solved !!

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    I am also still getting this issue. I have 3.4.5 and WP 5.1.1. It only appears if I am in debug mode, but my custom php functions never get called when I register hooks to them and I am wondering if the two are connected in some way.

    Since no one has responded, I figured out a way to resolve this after several months. Hope it helps someone.

    -Deactivate the ninjaforms plugins
    -Log in to your database, for us it is Adminer 4.2.5
    -Find the wp_nf3_upgrades table and drop it.
    -Activate the ninjaforms plugins

    This will recreate the table and it will now have a maintenance row.


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