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    One of the stores I use WooCommerce on is a wine store … I need to set the height of my thumbnails … not the width. I’ve found where to set them to not crop in Appearance but I can’t just set the height to what I want and leave the width at 0 as before. Also I use the Simple Image Sizes plugin which is a great plugin but now unfortunately no longer seems to set the Woo thumbnail properties … So is there a way to set the height and leave the width? … I tries setting the width to 0 .. but that didn’t work.

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  • Since i have installed version 3.3.3, all my images on shop page have same issue!

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    @yea747 You can subscribe to other users topics to see the replies without commenting “me too”. Please don’t thread hijack.

    If your thumbnails have similar dimensions you can change the aspect ratio so they are all cropped uniform. That will likely look better than lots of different heights.

    if you do need to customise it, see

    @mikejolley Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately most of the images are pre cropped. My desired “shop_single” size would be 150px wide X 600px high (1:4 ratio) … But there are others that are more landscape (2:1).

    In order to account for the landscape images I need to set the width to around 500px .. this means my 1:4 “shop_single” images are now 2000px high.

    The same is true for “shop_catalog” size as you can see from this page .. the images only need to be around 40px x 160px but because I can only set a width now they are loading an image size of around 250px x 900px … This is killing my PageSpeed score..

    Thanks for the link for customising the sizes but I don’t see mention of the “shop_single” or “shop_catalog” sizes there. Is there a way to way to override the width,height,crop for those image sizes?… Or did I miss something?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    shop_single (woocommerce_single in the doc) is uncropped by default. You should set the width to how much room is on the single page. The height is left alone.

    The issue is that the desired width for this×2/ is much different than this

    Ok, so in short, is there a way to set the single product image and the catalog image like so..

    ‘width’ => 0,
    ‘height’ => 500,
    ‘crop’ => 0,

    Apologies if I’m not getting it… My knowledge of hooks and filters is limited.

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