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    I was excited to see a new version released, hopefully adding something useful, but upon inspection of the changelog for 3.1.8, I noticed it’s exactly the same as for 3.1.7. On your site there’s no changelog to be found for anything but the add-ons, so now I’m reluctant to update.

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    3.1.7 and 3.1.8 were released within minutes of each other because of a deploy script issue. The change log is the same because we didn’t want people to miss the items in the 3.1.7 changelog. We thought that wwould be helpful. We acknowledge we could be wrong.

    After update to version 3.1.8, my old form can not submit, it shows error like picture. Please help me to fix this, Thanks!

    Submit error after update

    The server encountered an error during processing.
     Class 'NF_ESO_Parser' not found

    I’ve roll back to 3.1.6 version (use WP Rollback) and my forms work normally!

    I also encountered the above error.

    Issue is in EOS\Parser.php line 151

    throw new Exception("No Equation given", NF_ESO_Parser::E_NO_EQ);

    Should be

    throw new Exception("No Equation given", NF_EOS_Parser::E_NO_EQ);

    Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    We will be pushing out a fix for this later today, but in the meantime this likely means that you have a calculation on your form that is empty. You can resolve the problem by going to “Advanced” in the form builder, then to “Calculations” and deleting the empty calculation.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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