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  • Resolved Vanderbeam


    As many others are reporting, I’m experiencing MULTIPLE issues after the June 14 3.1.28 update that render the plugin useless.

    WordPress 6.0
    PHP 8
    Free, repo version of the plugin (no paid extensions)
    Genesis framework

    The Problem:
    Basically, the WPEM editor custom fields are not saving.

    If I create an event, the only thing that saves are WP core fields/dependant on core fields (Title, body content, and sidebar meta such as categories and thumbnails).

    However, filling out ANY of the WPEM custom fields will not save. Online event option, URLs, location, time, date, absolutely nothing. And since it doesn’t save that information, it doesn’t add new events to any Upcoming Events displays. If you refresh the editor after saving, all the information will have dropped. If you preview the event, the only information available is:

    The default “register for event” toggle button (if I enable wp_debug, it provides the following warning:

    Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$url in /home/[redacted]/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/templates/event-registration-url.php on line 1

    Date a time (which just displays the publish date and nothing else)
    Location: “Online Event” regardless of what was selected because this is the default
    Event category (if selected)
    Share With Friends social links

    And that’s it.

    I tested this across multiple sites running the plugin which revealed another fun detail: on some of the sites I used to troubleshoot, looking at past events causes a critical theme failure.

    Please implement a fix for this. And soon.

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  • Plugin Support Priya Goenka


    Hi @vanderbeam

    We have pushed the fixes, Can you please redownload the plugin from org, and check if your issues are resolved. Also let us know, if you are still facing any.


    I have the last version, i have tons of problems, so +1 to author, and yesterday update doesnt resolve everything.

    Non complete list of issue :
    – if you dont set and end date, the vent register automatically and end date with the date of the day, with make all new events “expired” by default after submission.
    – On “some” event,s and organizer is always picked. The single event page display doesnt show the organizer !
    – Lot of sentences aren’t translated : in event filters “Choose a category” “select date range” “choose a type” for example. On organizer page : “past events, current event, next events” arent translated too, absent from .po files for french
    – i have the google maps addons, broken since the update, i have 0 event showing up on the maps … i can’t document it right now, i will try to reinstall and configure the addon again.

    + i’m also on php 8, i have a lot of warning showing on single event page, randomly.

    Thread Starter Vanderbeam


    No, the update didn’t fix anything.

    Additionally, the Event Types and Event Categories in the meta sidebar are now radio buttons as opposed to checkboxes.

    I did some additional troubleshooting and encountered an interesting phenomenon. In the debug log, I noticed a lot of hook issues being generated by WPEM and got curious if they were conflicting with Genesis.

    So on a sandbox, with a Genesis child activated, I freshly installed the event plugin leaving all of the default settings and created an event, making sure I filled out all of the WPEM custom fields. All of the aforementioned issues were present (even the Event dashboard displayed incorrect information, such as “Online Event”). I switched the theme over to WP 2022, and re-made the Event. Everything was fine. Front end display, everything saved correctly, and the dashboard was correct. I then reactivated the Genesis child theme and made another new event, which also went fine (except for the meta sidebar options still being radio buttons and not checkboxes).

    So my hunch is you have a core hook issue that created conflicts with themes that also depend on either core WP hooks or a framework that creates their own with dependencies (like Genesis). Just a hunch, but so far it’s the only thing I can think of.

    All of my Genesis sites with the newest update of WPEM are still broken. Clearing the cache doesn’t help, re-saving doesn’t help, and I’m not about to go flipping themes on every one of these sites.

    When can we expect some progress? Based on the public support forum alone, it’s evident there are MANY, MANY people experiencing these issues.

    Plugin Support Priya Goenka


    Hi @vanderbeam

    I would request you to please wait for next week, we are releasing the new version. In case if its really hampering, Please downgrade the version, It will help to work properly. You can downgrade from the advanced section of the wordpress, till then we will release an update.

    Thankyou for understanding.

    Hello, I can add another issue to the list. There is something wrong when the plugin format the email address related to an event.

    This is the activation stack:

    thrown in .../htdocs/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1098
    [16-Jun-2022 09:48:23 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in .../htdocs/wp-includes/formatting.php:1098
    Stack trace:
    #0 .../htdocs/wp-includes/formatting.php(4578): wp_check_invalid_utf8()
    #1 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/templates/event-registration-email.php(6): esc_attr()
    #2 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/wp-event-manager-template.php(46): include('...')
    #3 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/core/wp-event-manager-post-types.php(1198): get_event_manager_template()
    #4 .../htdocs/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(307): WP_Event_Manager_Post_Types->registration_details_email()
    #5 .../htdocs/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(331): WP_Hook->apply_filters()
    #6 .../htdocs/wp-includes/plugin.php(476): WP_Hook->do_action()
    #7 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/templates/event-registration.php(16): do_action()
    #8 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/wp-event-manager-template.php(46): include('...')
    #9 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/templates/content-single-event_listing.php(424): get_event_manager_template()
    #10 .../htdocs/wp-includes/template.php(772): require('...')
    #11 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/wp-event-manager-template.php(122): load_template()
    #12 .../htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager/core/wp-event-manager-post-types.php(561): get_event_manager_template_part()
    #13 .../htdocs/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(307): WP_Event_Manager_Post_Types->event_content()
    #14 .../htdocs/wp-includes/plugin.php(191): WP_Hook->apply_filters()
    #15 .../htdocs/wp-includes/post-template.php(253): apply_filters()
    #16 .../htdocs/wp-content/themes/xxx/functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-front.php(107): the_content()
    #17 .../htdocs/wp-content/themes/xxx/functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-front.php(633): Mfn_Builder_Front->the_content()
    #18 .../htdocs/wp-content/themes/xxx/includes/content-single.php(243): Mfn_Builder_Front->show()
    #19 .../htdocs/wp-includes/template.php(772): require('...')
    #20 .../htdocs/wp-includes/template.php(716): load_template()
    #21 .../htdocs/wp-includes/general-template.php(204): locate_template()
    #22 .../htdocs/wp-content/themes/betheme/single.php(64): get_template_part()
    #23 .../htdocs/wp-includes/template-loader.php(106): include('...')
    #24 .../htdocs/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once('...')
    #25 .../htdocs/index.php(17): require('...')

    If an event is still open, the email field manipulation let the site crash. I’ve tampered the event-registration-email.php template file removing the “esc_attr” from every mail variable calls, as reported following:

    <p><?php printf(__('To register for this event <strong>email your details to</strong> <a class="event_registration_email" href="mailto:%1$s%2$s">%1$s</a>', 'wp-event-manager'), $register->email, '?subject=' . rawurlencode($register->subject)); ?></p>
    	<?php _e('Register using webmail: ', 'wp-event-manager'); ?>
    	<a href="<?php echo $register->email; ?>&su=<?php echo urlencode($register->subject); ?>" target="_blank" class="event_registration_email"><?php _e('Gmail', 'wp-event-manager'); ?></a> /
    	<a href="<?php echo $register->email; ?>&subject=<?php echo urlencode($register->subject); ?>" target="_blank" class="event_registration_email"><?php _e('AOL', 'wp-event-manager'); ?></a> /
    	<a href="<?php echo $register->email; ?>&subject=<?php echo urlencode($register->subject); ?>" target="_blank" class="event_registration_email"><?php _e('Yahoo', 'wp-event-manager'); ?></a> /
    	<a href="<?php echo $register->email; ?>&subject=<?php echo urlencode($register->subject); ?>" target="_blank" class="event_registration_email"><?php _e('Outlook', 'wp-event-manager'); ?></a>

    Last, but not least, the event created from the last update are listed as ORPHANED. This plugin is live on an about 1M yearly users…we’re in trouble with these malfunctioning. Best

    Moderator Bet Hannon


    Support Team

    We’ve rolled back to 3.1.27 to make the plugin usable by clients, but WordFence is reminding us that 3.1.28 had security updates. Hoping you will be pushing out the update with the fixes for Genesis compatibility ASAP.

    Plugin Support Priya Goenka


    Hi @bethannon1

    Yes we are working on the same. Thankyou for understanding.


    Just FYI – I too have been working on a site using WP Events Manager and also had to downgrade to v 3.1.27. We are using Divi theme. So it’s not just Genesis themes that are being affected.

    Thread Starter Vanderbeam


    The 3.1.29 update introduces even more new critical errors.

    Remaining errors:

    • Tags and categories are still radio buttons, not checkboxes.
    • An older issue has now resurfaced again, forcing the date to display twice on same-day events (eg, June 22 @ 1pm – June 22 @ 3pm)

    Unfortunately, due to this most recent update, conflicts with multiple block libraries are now occurring on our sites and resulting in fatal errors.

    After months of dealing with recurring hurdles caused by WP Event Manager, we have made the decision to move on to a different event plugin. Best of luck.

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    Plugin Support Priya Goenka


    Hi @vanderbeam

    The update will come sonn resolving the issues.


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