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    The latest changelog item says
    “3.0.5 – 2016-09-28
    Fixed bug where refactored Flexible SSL fix was causing the settings page hook not to load.”

    But that didn’t fix the problem for me. The page still loads blank.

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    @artigianidelweb my guess is your permissions doesn’t allow to read the file. You can check this solution.


    thabk you but I don’t think so.

    Consider that we use cloudflare plugin from years and over 30-40 sites,
    on same server, wordpress version and other plugin verion are exactly
    the same, the only difference is that the cloudfalre plugin version:

    where the cloudflare plugin is until Version 1.3.25
    –> there are no problems and it s all ok.

    Where upgraded it to > 3.x
    it doesn’t works more

    Php version is 5.5.38 in fast cgi

    Plugin Contributor thellimist


    @artigianidelweb You can think of 3.x as a totally new plugin. If you have ssh access to the user you can check your permission with “ls -al /path/to/wordpress”

    I updated to 3.0.6 and still have a blank settings page. Is there any more information I can give you to help troubleshoot?

    I won’t do this.

    First, because I won’t modify my security settings and decrease the security level on all server because of your plugin.

    Second, the plugin worked correctly for long time until 1.x, so why now we have to change chmod?

    Third, I can do this, but thousands of people which for many reason can’t do this? People who have shared hosting or simply doesn’t know how to change chmod via FTP?

    Until version 1 was all ok, now simply doesn’t works, for many people.

    So I think is the plugin that should work as before, or it will be rated so bad by users and it will not used longer from community.

    And in any case,
    I have 755 for folders and 644 for files, as always.

    I ‘wont put it on 775 or 777. No way.

    I do agree with artigianidelweb.

    Plugin Contributor jwineman


    Hi @artigianidelweb and @webitman,

    We aren’t suggesting you modify file permissions, we occasionally see incorrectly permissioned files as the root cause of issues like this which is why we ask. 755 and 644 should be fine.

    Are there any errors in the browser console?
    Are there any errors in the PHP error log?


    As I said,
    My browser console says it’s missing file

    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

    –> no error log

    Thank you so much.


    I too was hoping that 3.0.6 would have resolved all the 3.x problems but doesn’t look like it has.

    BLANK PAGE ON CLOUDFLARE SETTINGS (as previous posters

    Will roll back to the last working version 1.3.25

    Plugin Contributor thellimist


    Could you post the screenshot of the error in your your browser console. After opening the browser console please refresh the Cloudflare plugin setting page and post the screenshot.

    This post can help on opening the browser console


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    Hi @mostrador,

    The problem you’re having is 406 error code. If you have a plugin which checks headers or you are using a hosting provider like inmotionhosting this error could happen.

    The root cause of the error is while requesting the resource config.js we’re settings the header to Accept: 'text/javascript'. All browsers accept the header text/javascript but external security modules may only accept application/javascript header.

    We’ve a fix for this issue. We’ll release it in next version.


    Plugin Contributor thellimist


    If anyone else has a different issue than mostrador please provide a screenshot of the browser console.


    I have got the same problem that show blank page in setting and the dropdown menu only show my app address of openshift eg. and I couldn’t see my in the dropdown menu….

    screen capture:

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