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  • Hello,
    I just download your plugin because its suggested by my theme author (Avada) but there is a problem…

    If i upload picture Full-Size: 3000×2000 then my theme generate this sizes…

    150X150 …etc

    and when go to Media > Retina and press generate then the @2X sizes become like this…

    1024X683 the @2X picture is 800X543
    1200X800 the @2X picture is 800X533
    150X150 the @2X picture is 300X300
    and that is the only right one, but almost 20 pictures is wrong size, so if the normal picture is 500X400 so @2X become 350X250 not 1000X800

    I hope you understand me.
    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow



    Mmm, my plugin can’t really get it wrong on those sizes, or that would be the first time 🙂 What I guess it’s happening in that you uploaded those images before, and that one day you changed to a new theme. Your new theme is using difference sizes but your images have been sizes previously by WordPress to different ones. My plugin uses the sizes decided for each image independently rather that the set up, so that of course it matches perfectly the images. I think a mess-up like this happened at some point.

    Could you run the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin on your website? This will force re-generating all the images sizes and the retina will also be re-made. That will also repair the metadata associated with them.

    Hello and thank you for replay.

    No im not changing my theme at all, i told you that i just try your plugin but anyway i have upload 1 image now and here is the steps what i did…

    Upload image > Go to Media > Retina and Plugin it Generated with itself > Press Regenerate Thumbnails.

    Another way…

    Upload image > Go to Media > Retina and press Generated > Press Regenerate Thumbnails.

    Result was OK for small images, but bigger images was still wrong sizes, please look picture here

    Thank you for try to help.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Not sure why this happens. Mmm. Can you contact me directly through here? Let’s find out.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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