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  • the area i am trying to work on is the blue area of my site here Now check out this website, see how there is an image of a character(s)? it depends on what your browser settings are set at.. mine i see one character on each side, but on my wife’s monitor there are 2 characters on each side…

    now, i know from doing all types of research, that i have no control over what each and every persons browser is gonna be set at. But what i cant find is how to do what this guy did here..

    I have an idea for a design, one side of the page is blue-ish and has the star wars republic logo, then vertically, show 4 characters (representing the 4 classes that are playable in the game)… and on the other side of the page have a red-ish background starting with the Empire logo at the top and then 4 characters (representing the 4 classes that are playable in the game)again vertically..

    I plan to size these images somewhat small, so that they all together from top to bottom take up about 6 inches… i figure that, based off the average monitor and not allow for any cut off at the bottom (assuming the persons browser is completely open to full screen.

    So how do i do this? my wordpress cpanel allows me to set the background to a color. right now its blue.
    I understand that this will mean I need to get into the editor.

    But what do i need to know when it comes to making this image? i will be using photoshop.. and even though the background will contain many different images ,, once completed its really only one file. it just took alot of files to make it.

    bottomline here is.. how did that guy make that background on that webpage… because i want to do the same thing but with my own images.. i just don’t know how..

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