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  • I’m using the Gorilla Themes “Tribal” theme and attempting to add a second sidebar that is for showing facebook friends, but it’s populating at the bottom of the page. The first sidebar seems to be working fine.

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    I’ve looked for open <div> tags as suggested in similar posts. I found one and deleted it and looks like it’s still not working. Any ideas?

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  • Are you using a widget to display the FaceBook friends data? And where exactly do you want the FaceBook data to show up? Under the Follow Us On Twitter list?

    Yes, using a widget. And yeah, trying to get it to show underneath the twitter list as I plan to add a few more widgets all lined up in that column as well. Any support you can provide is appreciated and welcomed.

    All that you should have to do is drag the widget that you are using for the FaceBook list under the widget you are using for the Twitter stuff. Just have to make sure that they are both in the same widget “section”.

    Hmmm.. in my WordPress they are underneath each other. I have the Twitter code in Sidebar 1, and then the Facebook under neath in Sidebar 2. Is that not correct? I would prefer to have them in different Sidebars so they have that break in between them.

    Well considering the theme is paid I can’t download it to look at the backend for you.

    I’m not sure if anybody else with the Tribal theme will be able to pop in here and provide some information. Could you maybe provide a screenshot of the widgets page in the Dashboard?



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    Yeah that works samheights. By looking at the them it looks like Sidebars 2,3 and 4 are all placed within the footer.

    Another sidebar is going to have to be created to show up underneath Sidebar 1 in order to get the FaceBook menu to show up in a separate section under the Twitter list.

    I may be able to help you add in another sidebar like you are looking for if you can provide me with the sidebar code.

    Without being able to see how the files are configured I’m going to give you a basic rundown. Go into the Editor which you can find under the Appearance menu on the left hand side of your Dashboard. Once that page is loaded look for sidebar.php on the right hand side of the screen.

    Click on that link and you should see some code popup in the middle of the screen. Highlight all of the code that pops up and copy it. Then head over to and sumbit the code there. They will send you an email with a link to your code, reply here with that code.

    Hopefully then I can help you out.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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