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  • At, I’m closing a 2nd full day of these errors, I’ve only gotten one host reply that it was fixed (which it wasn’t), and no help or idea where the problem lies. Help is greatly appreciated!

    It started yesterday with clicking on a link, and getting a prompt to save the file to desktop (like wp-login.php or moderate.php), instead of loading it like normal. Then it would give errors that ‘You don’t have permission to access this page’ (I’m an admin). Then it started showing WordPress database errors, then these errors show up in different spots around my page (different plugins would work in different places at different times), then the entire page would not load, then it would load but show every post ever made (instead of limiting to the 5 it should), then the entire site is gone again, etc. etc.

    I’m on 2.0.2wp, theme is journalized winter, and vizaweb is my host. I don’t know where the problem source is on this. Once when the site was up, it displayed with the default theme. I went into admin/presentation/and it said my current theme was ‘broken’ and that’s why it had the default theme. I changed it back and all appeared nearly normal, but then it’s been going through more antics all day.

    Now it’s gone. Give it 5 it’ll be a different error.

    Any ideas on if this is my db problem, wordpress, the theme, the host, could someone (a user or commenter) have poisoned me?

    Thanks! I just have no real starting point on this right now.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “different plugins would work in different places at different times”
    That sounds like hosting problems because broken code just doesn’t work. So many errors also says it’s a host / server problem.

    you know that’s what I had it plugged as, also, but finally WP reset to the default theme and it worked, i went to themes selection and it said my theme had broken. the default worked fine until i found a new one and installed it, and I’ve had no problems since.

    I’m sure I was working on it and somehow deleted a critical space or whatnot, but the errors were not consistent. I don’t know. I liked that theme, too. But maybe it’s for the better cuz everyone’s raving about my newer theme crimson sunrise.

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