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  • Hello.

    My 2nd instance of WP (a clone of the 1st) refuses to believe it’s installed. 🙂

    I have a “dev” instance of wp installed in it’s own directory and in it’s own database. As a 2nd installation, i have the “live” instance installed in it’s own directory and using a completely separate database.

    The idea is that I’d make changes to the dev database. When Im happy with it, I’d go ahead and copy the database to the live server. This clobbers the live site, but I’m ok with that for now.

    cp -pr public_html/ public_html/
    mysqldump wp_dev > wp_dev.sql
    mysql wp_live < wp_dev.sql

    However, when I do this, the wp_live WordPress installation thinks that it’s not configured and tells me I should run the installer script

    Is there some sort of other configuration setting that gets sets as part of running the installer thats NOT in the mysql db or is designed to prevent this sort of copy?

    this is the code that’s firing:

    if (!is_blog_installed() && !strstr($_SERVER[PHP_SELF],'install.php') && !defined(WP_INSTALLING)) {
       wp_die("it doesnt look like you've installed WP yet..")

    I looked around in that function in the mysql table, but didnt see what’s causing it to fail..


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