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  1. punstress
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi, I posted early this a.m. but haven't received any answer.

    I got blog1 up and running last week.

    I have another (add-on) domain in my hosting account and wanted blog2 there. The two URLs should be completely different: blog.domain1.com and blog.domain2.com.

    So I created a second database (not a second table) for blog2 and added wordpress as a user.

    I installed WP in a new folder named blog, under domain2, which of course in my file system is under domain1.

    Pictorially the file hierarchy is like this:

    -public-html (for main acct, domain1.com)
    --domain2 (appears in browsers as domain2.com)

    I log into blog2, set up permalinks and the URIs. But all of a sudden I see my info for blog1. I freak out. I click "view site" and see blog1. I can't get the admin page or the blog of blog2.

    I open blog2's wp-config file and inexplicably, the database is db1 - not db2 that I set up! I change it. But now I go to blog1 and I see blog2, the other way around! My config file permissions are 644 so how are they being changed?

    I tried creating a second user for db2 instead of sharing one "wordpress" user. No effect. I used phpMyAdmin to make sure the site and home fields were correct, and they were for both databases.

    Please, somebody, tell me what is happening, what I did wrong, and what I must do to fix it!

  2. punstress
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Perhaps this is a clue?

    When I load blog.domain2.com I get domain1's blog in the browser ... BUT

    when I load www . domain2. com/blog/index.php, which would be the actual path to the blog, I do get the domain2 blog (yay) ... with one difference ... instead of showing the default post, it shows "Sorry no posts matched your criteria."

    So ... does that help anyone figure out what I should do?

    I still can't get domain2's admin page, it keeps reverting to domain1's.

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