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    Hi all – I have wordpress running in two separate databases, with two separate themes, on one domain.

    My problem is that whenever I try to go to a page that I’ve created under the weightloss section, it defaults to a “Not Found” but with the main site’s theme…

    Example: try going to

    I’ve set the permalinks to /%category%/%postname%/ on both, and yes, they’re installed on two separate databases.

    I’m doing this on 2 other sites and don’t have this issue… so I’m not sure where the messup is.

    Any ideas? I don’t know if I’ve given you enough info to help me through this… so if you’re not sure, ask away. And thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Are the prefixes on the databases different?

    The errors I saw are usually caused by a password error.

    the databases have two totally separate names, and are on completely different servers…

    one is and the other is mysql33…

    i’ve never had to change database prefixes on the other sites, so long as they were hosted on different database servers, as above.

    i’m not sure what kind of “password error” you’re talking about – if you mean database passwords, then that would mean i couldn’t post anything or that wordpress wouldn’t work if the passwords were incorrect, and they’re working just fine.

    anyone have any other ideas here?

    Actually this one:
    gives a lot error messages – which might be caused by the theme. It’s an old theme and I suspect the call for the comments template is pre-1.5 in it.

    The other thing in this blog:
    the permalinks don’t always work. As it is described in Using_Permalinks not all Apache versions support thh %category% in the permalinks structure.

    sorry moshu – but that page – the webrings page – is one I JUST created yesterday, and that’s how I discovered this problem. if it’s because the theme’s old, that’s causing all the other problems, that’s great to know… however what you said about the permalinks not working is exactly what I was trying to say the issue is that i’m seeking help for… but ALL my sites are hosted on the exact same kinds of server – apparantly Apache.

    It’s got to be something a little more complicated than you guys are coming up with here – and i only say that because i’ve been doing this on other sites without a problem… and they’re all hosted the same way, set up the same way, etc.

    I’m wondering if it’s just that theme then moshu… I don’t know. all I do know is that it used to work fine… and that for the rest of what you said, you seem to have sort of re-iterated my initial statement of the problem, rather than coming up with some sort of reason for the problem… it’s NOT the Apache server, I promise.

    Update – I changed the theme and all is well – thanks for bringing that part to my attention, Moshu. 🙂

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