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  • On 14 September 2019, a new European regulatory requirement called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will introduce two-factor authentication requirements for many online payments in Europe. We expect this regulation to be enforced in the UK regardless of the outcome of Brexit. Payments that aren’t authenticated will be declined by your customers’ banks.

    How will this be implemented?

    many thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Contributor Alexander C.



    Stripe recently introduced support of this functionally and announced it’s out of beta status a week ago or so. Definitely we will implement this into our plugin before September 2019 so our customers can test it and get to know it.

    Stripe promises to handle all the SCA-related stuff itself, we only need to implement their new API support in our plugin. We will add this in testing mode first, so keep an eye for plugin updates.


    any news about the two-factor authentication mandatory On 14 September 2019 by the European regulatory?


    Hi, I’ve got the same question.
    I’m going to follow this thread.



    Any update about this?
    Is it already implemented?

    yes please let us know what is happening – 14 september is very close, & we have events happening at this time that we need to be able to accept payments for … is there an upgrade yet??

    indeed, 14 sep is approaching fast… any update?

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi all, can you test the latest testing version. Let us know if it works for you.

    Thank you


    I’ve just tested your beta version (2.0.0t9), thanks for it!

    Two remarks:
    1. the buying button doesn’t work if the option “Disable Buttons Before Javascript Loads” is checked in admin page;
    2. it is not possible to make any payment test, I always get “Your card’s security code is incomplete” error message. The testing number is from the official docs website of Stripe ( and security code is random as described in the doc.


    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    Hi and thank you for reporting.

    1. This has been fixed and new version with the fix will be released later this day.

    2. Can you share a link to the page where the payment button is so could have a look with my own eyes?

    I can share a link with you but in private, do you have an email?

    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    Please get in touch via contact form on our site.

    Ok, I sent to you a message via contact form.
    And I just retry on my website, it works now!

    BUT, the system didn’t ask me for a second authentication.
    It has proceed to the payment straight away!?


    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    If you were using first card from this list, it should definitely display 3D-Secure popup

    Make sure you have “Use Old Checkout API” option DISABLED on Advanced Settings of the plugin.

    Regarding your message, I haven’t received it for some reason. Have you submitted it using this form ?

    Oh no, wrong contact form!
    But, it is alright, I tested with the right card test number and got 3D-secure (2nd) popup!
    Then, it is good for me.

    Thanks again!


    PS: When will the final plugin be available?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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