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2.9.2 Jetpack and 3.8.2 Any issues with latest Jetpack update? (4 posts)

  1. nsnbc
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello friends.

    I had some bad experiences with Jetpack and many other plugins "latest" updates. Seems to be a systemic issue that plugins are released before they have undergone a rigid enough testing and quality assuraance before public release.

    The all important question for a production site is:

    [ Moderator note: portion de-capped. Please don't do that as it's like shouting and is considered to be rude. ]

    does it work? or is there any reason what so ever, that would suggest that it's a good isea to wait with updating to jetpack 2.9.2 ?? :)

    The next logic questions are:
    * which issues, if there are any
    * how do you know?
    * and if there aren't any, how do you know?
    * and finally, IF there are issues, how to know when it is REALLY safe to update, also for those of us who run a production website like a Newspaper.


  2. *Drinks coffee*

    I had some bad experiences with Jetpack and many other plugins "latest" updates.

    Those are good questions and this has come up before with you. Have you had any luck with setting up a non-production installation to test plugin updates before you deploy them to your site?

    Or if that's not an option for you then consider performing a full backup of all your files and database first the upgrade.


    That way you can at least roll back to a previous state if you need to. That includes plugins and database.

    Plugin authors do not plan on causing issues and I know that these authors do test (I've even report a bug to them! Cool. *drinks more coffee*).

    But if you have a concerns about for your installation then I really encourage you to setup that non production installation. That way you can test your site before any issues occur.

  3. ttorres
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I can't get Jetpack 2.9.2 an WordPress 3.82 to play nice together.

    - I cleared my browser cache and cookies.
    - I uninstalled all plugins

    I get fatal error - exceeded allowed memory size error when I add Jetpack back to the plugins directory. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on how to resolve.

  4. Like many large plugins, Jetpack does take a fair amount of memory. You need to ask your web host how to increase your PHP memory limit on your hosting account. I recommend a minimum of 64M for WordPress with any significant plugins on it.

    Jetpack has a lot of plugins in one, sort of thing. Deactivating the ones you don't need will reduce the memory footprint of it.

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