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  • All my scheduled posts are appearing as “missed” on my blog.
    I’ve seen this before where the DNS on my server failed to point back at me, however the only thing which has changed is the upgrade to 2.9
    Anyone else having the same issue since upgrading?
    Or is this a tedious job of eliminating the plugins, even though standard publish right now posts work fine?

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    If you didn’t run the DB upgrade for 2.9, then you can just restore the 2.8 files. if you DID upgrade the DB, then … you really can’t.

    Thank god for wordpress community forums.

    Someone else suggested i should:

    Manually upload the 2.9 files using ftp? Everything except your wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder.

    And it worked 😀

    Website is back live and using 2.9 :D:D:D –

    Thanks for everyone’s responses, highly appreciate it.

    Would love to donate somehow.

    I’m getting some amazing help from Miqrogroove, two hours now and counting, but “we” think we have it fixed now. He’ll have to explain what he did. It’s all Greek to me.

    Before anyone upgrades to a new WordPress especially a new major release like 2.8.6 to 2.9, they need to take a few precautions.

    1) Always download your database first and also download your last version of your website, so you can easily restore the old version.

    2) New software means the plugins may nor may not be compatible, so instead of jumping on board with upgrading, you should wait a week or two for the plugins to get upgraded to the version.

    3) Always try a test version first, just to make sure. Duplicate your site in a separate folder on your server (also duplicate a separate DB) and test out the new version first. If all goes well then upgrade your public site.

    Obviously your sites are important to you or you wouldn’t be jumping on upgrading. I have a number of clients who use WordPress and I haven’t upgraded any of them yet. I a just using 2.9 on one site right now and have a posting problem, which can be worked around, but until it gets fully solved, and all the plugins I use get upgraded, I am not fully upgrading to 2.9.

    The final results are in, and it looks like a last-minute change to the WordPress 2.9 package stepped on a very obscure “feature” of the PHP cURL library. Those goodies are implemented in the packaged file named wp-includes/http.php.

    This patch is waiting for core approval now, but I wanted to put it up here in case anyone needs an alternative to the stop-gap solution from earlier tonight.

    Everyone give a big happy Thank You to fellow blogger and forum member ptmccain who tolerated my intrusions on his server for the better part of the evening to get this figured out.

    miqrogroove, so how would i take what’s here: and use it to fix this issue? i don’t understand, do i replace a file with a new file that is on trac? i’m lost and in panic mode about this problem.

    Hi ryancan123, the linked file is in standard diff format. It’s not really intended for end users. Eventually you will need to replace the http.php file I mentioned. As I am not a WordPress developer, I don’t get to update the official files. 😉

    okay so i open up http.php and replace:

    $timeout_ms = (int) ceil( 1000 * $r[‘timeout’] );


    $timeout_ms = (int) ceil( 1000 * max($r[‘timeout’], 1) );

    hmmm…? thanks for your help.

    If you get that far then you’re doing well, yes 🙂

    okay and is http.php the only file i need to find a replace code to get this problem fixed?

    That’s the only file covered by the patch. I’m not making any promises because there are other unfixed bugs out there.

    wow it works. you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a million =)

    Dion Hulse


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    Re-posted to:

    I’d like to use this as an example to all here, Why WordPress needs your help. No, I’m not talking about Coding help specifically, I’m talking about Testing. WordPress requires that users test the product throughout the development period.

    WordPress is an open source application written by hundreds of contributors. While those hundreds probably use the Development version of WordPress every day, They do not use the same webhost as you, nor do they have the same theme, nor do they have the same requirements, They use different functions of WordPress than you.

    During The beta and RC stages, thousands of people download and test, These testers are end users like you, In order to prevent these bugs getting into a released product, It requires that users actually take part in the developement of WordPress and report the bugs encountered.

    Testing WordPress is not just something that Developers should do. If you use WordPress and enjoy using it, Please take some time once every few months to test WordPress, Its announced on the Dev blog when Beta’s are available, On a default install of WordPress, The Dashboard should have a RSS feed mentioning the releases too.

    So please, For 3.0, When a Beta is released (Theres generally ~2-3 weeks of beta, with 2-3 beta’s from my quick recolection) Install it on your website, It doesnt have to be your main one, it can be in a subdirectory (ie. your usual one at and the test at, and test that things works ok for you, and your plugins, This does take an hour out of your time, and i realise not everyone can afford it, But it may spare you 2-3 hours of your time, when after a release, a bug that affects you is found, that a Developer had not noticed.

    WordPress requires your input, Whilst I agree there are some downfalls in reporting bugs sometimes (Please do not flame me with related messages here, I’m not after that, This is mearly a request for more contributions) overall, your contributions would be greatly appreciated by all.

    In order to make it easier to test Beta’s and nightly versions, Westi wrote this great plugin: It allows you to use the inbuilt upgrader to upgrade to a beta, to make it easier for you, to be involved with the project you love using.

    $timeout_ms = (int) ceil( 1000 * $r[‘timeout’] );


    $timeout_ms = (int) ceil( 1000 * max($r[‘timeout’], 1) );

    That didn’t work for me… 🙁

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