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  • Hi all — hope someone can help. This is a new install of 2.8.2. on

    I started with WP 2.6 installed via Fantastico. Then manually upgraded to 2.8.2

    I’m using the default theme and no plugins. I created one test post with a small photo included. All seemed ok in Admin. Went to view post on the blog and the blog was gone.

    Noticed that neither Themes or Plugins show up in the admin even though I have both the default and classic theme and the basic WP plugins [Akismet, etc.].

    >>> “You do not appear to have any plugins available at this time.”

    >>> “You only have one theme installed at the moment so there is nothing to show you here. Maybe you should download some more to try out.”

    Tried installing a theme. Here’s the results:

    “…Installing Theme from uploaded file:

    Unpacking the package.

    Installing the theme.

    Theme Installed successfully.

    Warning: file(/home/lmuller/public_html/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/lmuller/public_html/ on line 180 Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/lmuller/public_html/ on line 180….”

    I have been working on this all night and cannot find how to correct it. Hope someone has an answer. Thanks.

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  • Well after a full day of searching this site and trying numerous suggestions posted herein and not succeeding… I deleted WP 2.8.2 and installed 2.7.1

    Fortunately, this was a new blog and I didn’t have to worry about losing content. At least I have the blog back, along with the ability to add themes and plugins.

    WordPress was always the best. But now, upgrading is risky. There doesn’t seem to be very many WP folks who are able to provide answers — and that’s the really scary part.


    It seems that there is an issue with the theme streamline_30 so replace with the default one and also re install wp-includes and wp-admin folder of your blog..

    Also, disable all the plugins and enable them one by one to find out the culprit..


    Shane G.

    Shane, I was using the default WP theme with no plugins. I did manage to upgrade the site to 2.8 [from 2.7.1] but all attempts to go to 2.8.2 resulted in a blank blog and missing sections of the admin. So I’m stuck at 2.8

    Thanks for your help. I’m open to more ideas.

    I’ve updated several sites to 2.8.2 without issue, backing up the data and the files first, of course.

    Did you manually upgrade or let something like Fantastico do it? What hosting company? Maybe they are having issues? I know had some issues with Fantastico Deluxe “retrograding” upgrades last week… but it’s been fixed.

    I had a site go from 2.7.1 to 2.7 instead of upgrading to 2.8x which nearly killed it and took me 3 hrs to figure out it wasn’t something in the files that I did.

    Right now I use a small company [] who has Fantastico but I don’t use it. I always manually upgrade.

    I just tried upgrading on another site from 2.7.1 to 2.8 same problem. blog is blank and the themes and plugin section of admin says I have no themes or plugins — even though the defaults are in the directories.

    I’ll assume you did the right thing and backed up your data and files before any upgrades….

    If you have those, you could simply remove your existing install and do a clean installation of 2.8.2…

    then import your data tables and upload your files/plugins, etc

    Have you tried a new install?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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