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  • Hey guys I just updated and the “Visual” editor stopped working. like its just not showing stuff lke [caption] and its also showing me all the tags its not supposed to show. help!

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  • I use AJAXed WordPress and the Jscript for that is also not functioning =(

    I think I may have the same problem as you. I’ve updated and now I can’t edit my post. I get a heap of javascript errors and can’t click on any of the WYSIWYG controls. I can’t click the HTML tab either, I get “switchEditors is undefined” javascript error in the log.

    Luckily I have a WP client on my phone, so I was able to clear up those embarrassing grammar issues in the nick of time with that.

    Same issue here. I upgraded one of my client’s blogs to 2.8, and now there are no WYSIWYG editor controls. I have the TinyMCE plugin installed and had thought that may be the culprit, but after deactivation, still no improvement.

    In addition, when I go into an existing post, all of the post text is white, only viewable when all of it is selected.

    Getting the same problem that pcbdaily is. Tested in Firexfox 3.1, IE 7.5, and IE 6.0.

    Hoping you guys get this one fixed fast, as these are client websites.


    No offense bjsmooths but you probably shouldn’t have upgraded clients websites without testing them ahead of time. Just because WordPress releases a new version of the software doesn’t mean that every theme and plugin that you use in your production environment is going to work the same way or properly. I recommend having a testing environment that is identical to your production environment and doing WP version and plugin upgrades there before releasing them to your clients. This helps with the possibility of downtime with your paying customers.

    danielrsmith totally understand where you’re coming from, but I’ve NEVER had an issue with an upgrade, and I rely on the awesome folks at Automatic to test these things before they release a whole new version. Having a testing environment is fine, but after you use it time after time for literally years, and never need it, it’s easy to just say “what the heck, I’m just going to directly upgrade.”

    Thanks for the obvious comment!

    I rely on the awesome folks at Automatic to test these things before they release a whole new version.

    Testing is done by the community. Though Automattic does keep wordpress.COM current, no way can all server environments be tested.

    If deactivating plugins and disabling Gears doesn’t solve the problem, try switching to the WordPress Default theme. If that doesn’t resolve, logout, clear browser cache and cookies, delete and reupload the wp-admin and wp-includes folders. Of course, all plugins deactivated while doing this.

    pcbdaily trust me I get where you are coming from, just don’t want to see people blame Automatic for this. I was having the same issues as you guys, and it ended up being a plugin’s javascript causing the issue. I like you also saw the update and ran an update on my blog and had some issues. I was just pointing out that when you have clients websites on it you might want to do some testing first especially when going from the 2.7’s to 2.8 because some plugins just plain don’t work.

    It’s not working on Google Chrome either

    danielrsmith no offense taken;

    Your right that is a valid point. What happened though is my clients upgrade their wordpress because they saw the “available” upgrade version at the top of the dashboard.

    With the last upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7, they saw me use “automatic upgrade” plugin and thought they would try it as it looked “easy” to them.

    Well, the rest is history.

    I usually don’t upgrade for a couple months till everything looks good to go. Luckily for this particular client, I did do a database backup, and backed up wp-content folder where most of the details to their theme was.

    Thanks for the input,

    RE MichaelH

    wow. wow. that’s last time I ever upgrade unthinkingly. “If it aint broke don’t fix it.”

    ronitb: yea i tested all usual browsers, same problem

    Dan smith: mind sharing which plugin it was? I only have:
    adsense manager
    ajaxed wordpress
    wordpress automatic upgrade
    wp wall

    running and none of them seem to be it. I started to wonder if it might not be a WP problem, rather a jscript problem because i recall that win vista did one of those annoying non-optional updates right at the same time wordpress did theirs, and i just noticed that show/hide failed for me on another unrelated commercial website (ritz carlton’s). However i just went to which uses Ajaxed wordpress and its working fine.

    So by elimination.. its something in 2.8 that’s messing things up. quick fix guys? I’m allergic to what MichaelH recommended…

    michaelh i realized that i didnt get my main objection toyour recommendation across – basically it’s NOT a fix to reupload wp-admin and wp-includes cos i’m still stuck with WP 2.8 (unless there’s an easy way to switch back to 2.7? not aware of one) and it’s WP 2.8 thats somehow causing my two issues, which are:

    1. On the wpadmin side, WYSIWYG editor not being WYSIWYG anymore (is the editor done using jscript? i’m trying to figure out if the Vista update may have done something to my jscript-running, though i think it unlikely)
    2. On the blog itself, AJAX plugin not loading posts inline (not your problem i know.. but thought it might be related)

    my site is at if people wanna see if they’re facing the same ajax problem i described above

    I can confirm that re-uploading wp-content and wp-admin seems to fix the problem but ONLY IN Firefox and IE. Google Chrome users (like me) appear to be SOOL.

    Ok, re-install did the trick. hat’s the last time I do an upgrade on the day you guys come out with a major release.

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