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  • First off, thanks to the WP developers and testers. 2.8 is smoking fast compared to prior versions. That is a great relief.

    One tiny little thing I miss from 2.7 was the layout of the Plugins page. It was so much easier to understand what was going on when you had plugins divided by the activated, recently deactivated, and “just sitting there” groups. I really wouldn’t mind seeing that paradigm come back.

    That said, awesome work everyone!

    3 Cheers,

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  • Agreed. However, they did add the links at the top to filter the different states. Not sure which I like best. Sometimes I hated scrolling to the bottom to active a plugin, but it was nice to have the separation.

    I agree with bennebw, I would also like to see the old plugin page layout. Maybe an option to choose between layouts in WP 2.9? 🙂

    Thanks for the new WP 2.8, it really is faster and looks nicer! 😉

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    It took me a while too to figure this out. Maybe all that’s needed is to have a different colour. The light grey and slightly darker grey is not that obvious. Perhaps bringing back the green would improve things.

    Having said that, I think that in a few weeks we may not remember what the old one used to look like.

    I agree with bennebw and also agree that it would help a great deal to bring back the green background for active plugins. Regressing back to the one long table with active ones in white and inactive ones in light gray is a mistake. I think it is more confusing that way especially if you temporarily deactivate a bunch and then need to remember which ones you don’t want to reactivate after tests or updates. A few weeks from now, I will still long for the version 2.7 plugin page layout. Please bring it back.

    Switching to white activated from green activated was the stupidest switch I can think off… Makes absolutely no sense… Whom among us came to that page and just about had a heart attack thinking they were all deactivated after the upgrade?

    I agree as well.

    The new 2.8 plugins page is so bad usability-wise.
    The colors melt into the background as well.

    Hopefully someone can code a plugin to bring back the 2.7 plugins page!

    I found a plugin that helps the usability slightly:

    The colors are still a problem though.
    I could probably put a tiny plugin to override the v2.8 white back to v2.7 green.

    Okay, I got sick and tired of this and finally decided to create a tiny plugin to override the 2.8 color scheme:

    Enjoy! 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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