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    I’m sorry I didn’t know how to title this better, but here’s the deal. I just upgraded today to 2.8 via the admin panel.

    It appeared to be just fine until I tried to edit some posts (wp-admin/edit.php)– it just hangs on a blank page.

    It turns out that most of the options in the sidebar do the same thing.

    Although oddly enough I’m glad at this point that I’m not entirely shutout of the admin panel at least. And some (very few) actions do still work as they should (add new post, tools)

    While maybe it’s not a total disaster- like I said there are a few things that work, and the blog looks normal from the outside– it’s basically impossible to use as well.

    What are my options at this point? I’m ashamed to say I didn’t make a back-up (upgrades have always been easy and successful)

    Can I ‘manually install’? I saw that in another thread. How do I do that on top of that auto install (which claimed it was successful)

    Thanks so much

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  • Yes you can manually install even though the automatic install has supposedly already happened.
    When you get a blank page try right-clicking on it and viewing the source and see if it gives you any information there.
    Deactivate plugins. (You can do this to all of them all at once by renaming your wp-content/plugins directory.
    Also try increasing your memory_limit.

    In the admin dashboard, go to tools > upgrade > Re-Install Automatically

    Once that’s done, clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser.

    This fixed it for me.

    bh_WP_fan: I just tried right-clicking— and I actually cannot right-click on these blank pages!! Really weird. Thanks for the tip about de-activating plugins.

    ronitb: tools > upgrade (wp-admin/update-core.php) is actually one of the pages that comes up blank for me 🙁

    btw, just in case it matters, I’ve tried in both Firefox and Safari and have the blank page problem in both

    Have you tired disabling all the plugins?? Two things causing issues in 2.8 mainly plugins and the other is some themes.

    If you have done that worth trying to do upgrade manually i think automatic upgrade maybe failing on some sites either all files not getging accross or some setup on the host servers


    I de-activated the plugins (using the method suggested by bh_WP_fan) and it was up and running again!

    Argghh, darn plugins. I re-activated them one by one, and the culprit was the WP-Wall plugin.

    So for now it seems like this is resolved. Hopefully it can help someone else.

    Thank you all so much!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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