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  • I was going to change something on my blog in the sidebar. When I clicked sidebar it was the themes default code. If I click update I guarentee it will change my actual sidebar. Right now(when I dont click update) the code I had from (2.7) is still there.

    WHERE DID IT GO? I made a lot of changes and don’t want to start over.

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  • If you made changes to the WordPress Default theme (folder is wp-content/themes/default) then the automatic upgrade will overwrite files in that folder.

    You may have to restore that folder from backup.

    I did not make changes to the default theme. It is a theme that I have uploaded.

    Update: The wordpress theme editor shows default but my actual files in my FTP did not change.

    Big Glitch here that needs to be fixed.

    Then restore that theme’s files from your backup.

    I will but other users might not know how to do this (the fact that it is on there FTP while WordPress shows otherwise). May want to take that into consideration when fixing bugs.

    2.8 has erased the tool bar in the visual mode and also changes the font color to white. This happens both in edit mode and new posts, using either Safari 4 or Firefox 3. I upgraded automatically. This needs to get fixed.

    Nevermind, fixed it.

    I have had a published couple posts that I was editing suddenly loose almost all data after I republished them in 2.8. All text and pictures. I thought it was my mistake on the 1st post but I am sure it was not on the 2nd.

    Anyone have this issue now as well?

    It did that to me too. I just didn’t mess with them in a while and it came back….still a lot of errors in 2.8

    Yes, I left some things alone as well SPEWF and it was okay then tonight did it again. Strange. Of course you can restore the post from the revision section, so do not panic 100%… but this is still strange and I cannot solve it. I hope when there is an update, like 2.8.1 these things are better, but I worry really they may be worse 🙁

    Sort of glad some one else has this issue but I cannot find much on it here.It does not happen all the time and that makes searching for the problem even harder actually.

    1) I create a post
    2) save it or publish it
    3) go to edit it later
    4) content has vanished, text and images
    5) I freak out

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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