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  • I have just started a new site with WP 2.7. I am running on my localhost under IIS7.

    When I go the login page, put in the correct password, and hit enter, the page refreshes with this URL:
    That is, the redirect_to address is being URLencoded, instead of being expressed as a URL.

    If I put in the wrong password, the page refreshes with the normal Error message.

    When I login properly it looks to me as though I’m being momentarily redirected to someplace under http://localhost/myblog/wp-login.php, but it goes by too fast for me to see where.

    I suspect that the issue is in the admin_url function, which seems to be new to 2.7. Am I right? What do I do?

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  • I’ve also been having a lot of issues getting 2.7 to run under IIS 7. Maybe they’re related. I can log in and access all the admin functionality, however accessing any blog posts or pages outside of index.php returns a 404 error. Downgrading to 2.5.1 works correctly.

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