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  • Hi all,

    Upgraded to 2.7RC1, and very much enjoying it. However, I’m having a problem with images/media.

    I went the media library, added a lot of images, then created a new page and associated five of the new images with it. If I then put the [gallery] shortcode in, I should get the five images displaying, shouldn’t I? Instead, I get nothing. I can add the images from the library using the Add Image button, but they way I’ve done it should work – or am I wrong?


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  • Bad form to follow up on one’s own post, I know, but I can add images directly to the post, and the gallery tag works fine.

    So for me, at least, being able to bulk-add items to the Media Library doesn’t work; I can only add them to pages/posts.

    Any one else having the same problem?


    you tell your page: [ gallery ] how should the post know what pictures to include into the gallery?

    If you upload pictures while creating a page, they get “assigned” to that page, that’s why the gallery tag works. Did you read through this?

    Yes, I understand that; but 2.7 allows you to upload images, then assign them to a post or page afterwards (and to more than one post / page, I’m guessing). At least, that’s what it looks like to me (otherwise, why have the option to upload unassigned images?), and that’s the bit that isn’t working for me.


    the point of uploading unassigned images is to have them in the media library, from where you can insert them into posts. one-by-one. without assigning them to any post, but rather to several posts.
    Previously I had the problem not being able to insert a picture into several posts, only into the one I uploaded it to…

    As far as I know, there is no way to “assign” a bunch of images from the media library to a certain post, except for insertign them into as many psots as you wish but not as a gallery.

    actually there is and that’s what [ gallery ] shortcode does.
    wp 2.7 has a problem with [ gallery ] shortcode ,
    i used this a lot in my post’s and now they are disabled and the images that were supposed to be showed by [ gallery ] aren’t there anymore .
    and it sucks,I guess i have to find a workaround, i really need this.

    [ gallery ] inserts the images attached to one post into the post itsself, and if you specify an ID you can isnert another posts images, but how do you want [ gallery ] to insert just some pictures you upload with the media gallery?

    yes [gallery] shows all the images that has been uploaded to the current post or other post(i thought he wants to show all of the images in a gallery).

    I had a problem which [ gallery ] shortcode wasn’t working and I disabled a plugin that was using a js and it solved the problem .

    I have this problem with the gallery shortcode, but mine is putting a space right before the url in the img tag.

    ie: img=” http://url

    I’m trying to figure out why. Doesn’t seem to be a plugin.

    I spoke too soon. Was an updated version of Google Analytics for WordPress

    Version 2.6.4

    Confirming. 2.6.6.

    Having the option to track downloads, etc. messes up [gallery] shortcode.

    Just committed version 2.6.7 of this plugin which fixes the issue!

    I second the fix. Thanks Joost.

    Could someone set this topic to resolved? Thx!

    Er, how is this resolved, exactly? Wizard Guy’s add-on problem might be, but I still can’t upload images and then attach them to posts; only upload images when I’ve already got a post.


    This fix provided has not solved my issues with the uploader either.

    I’ve been having a similar issue to YorkshireLad, as well as the following:

    When trying to input an image file, the uploader opens in a new window and I have been manually inputting the image URL into my post because when I click on “insert into post” the uploader proceeds to a blank screen.

    I have been using the browser option since Flash 10 has broken my file uploading option for multiple flies…

    I haven’t been able to locate a plugin within my installation that’s been causing this error either.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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