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    After upgrading to 2.7.1, my K2 theme is all messed up. Page body aligns at left, backgrounds repeat and header is completely off and repeats as well. How can I fix this???

    domain is, but at the moment i have a maintenance message up. This site has just launched so I really need to figure out how to correct this 🙁

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  • took down maintenance message so everyone could see whats happening. no other changes were made, just the upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1. Anybody?

    I’ve downgraded back to 2.7 for now.

    Same thing happened to me. How do you downgrade exactly?

    How do you downgrade to 2.7 from 2.7.1? I am having the same problems.

    Deactivate ALL your plugins, then go to the wordpress version archives (google it, you’ll find it) and download the 2.7 zip file. Extract it on your desktop or wherever. Using an ftp client, filezilla, leechftp, etc. open up your blog directory and copy all of the extracted files into it (EXCEPT keep your original wp-config.php). Once all files have been overwritten, reactivate your plugins and you should be set. Might want to backup first just in case but it worked out fine for me.

    I think there were changes to the JQuery libraries and its what caused K2 to go haywire. I read somewhere that someone downloaded the latest nightly build of K2 and the pages drew normally.

    I’m going to try that first before downgrading. My host has versions so its easy for me to roll back the changes. See if your hosts allow for that.

    Happened to me. I downloaded the latest nightly. Seemed to solve the problem.

    Doh! Happened to me too. K2 borken, svn switched back to tags/2.7. Too bad. Have it working again with the kaytwo trunk revision. Somebody somewhere (wp? k2?) should have avoided this though, given how popular k2 is.

    I tried the nightly build before I downgraded back to 2.7, and while it fixed the strange alignment issues it did a few other things that messed up the layout as well. Notably the header turned back into an empty blue rectangle even though the header setup in the admin panel showed I had my image selected. It also changed the live search bar in some odd way. Made it take up more room and overflow my sidebar.. I’ll probably wait a little while before I do this upgrade again, just to be sure. I’m seeing some other topics about various plugin compatibility issues as well.

    Although I don’t have a solution, I figured out what’s happening (at least for those that are on K2):

    The body class (<body class=”wordpress k2 y2009 m02 d11 h10 home blog columns-three lang-en”) is not being generated correctly.

    WordPress is generating the page as <body class=””>, so the css doesn’t get applied right.

    Well here’s hoping for a quick fix by either wp or k2! In the meantime I don’t think I’ll feel too left out using 2.7. The changes seemed negligible, so I wouldn’t have thought my whole theme would go crazy 😉

    For those looking for (a really quick) fix, just edit header.php and add the classes manually:


    old code
    <body class="<?php k2_body_class(); ?>">

    new code
    <body class="wordpress k2 blog columns-three lang-en <?php k2_body_class(); ?>">

    Luciano: Thanks, it works!

    I had exactly the same problem and I spent way too long looking for a solution elsewhere before checking here.

    Just to add to Luciano’s solution; if you’re using a two column layout, don’t forget two swap columns-three with columns-two

    Have a good day.

    Thanks a bunch Luciano, it worked for me too!

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