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  • Resolved Wade Kwon


    I have two hosted WP blogs, both at 2.7.

    One has the message “WordPress 2.7.1 is available! Please update now.” But the other one doesn’t.

    I’d like to take advantage of the auto-upgrade feature. What gives?

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  • Sumit1988


    same to me. Cant see the button. I’m scared to upgrade manual. Maybe i overwrite an edited File i dont remember :-/



    According to Ajay’s comment on this post, you probably just have to wait until your blog recognizes that there’s a new version available. My question is, is there a way to force your blog to check. Seems like it should be built into a cron job that can be run manually, but I tried visiting wp-cron.php without any luck.

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    Same here, I updated two blogs, and my third won’t show the upgrade is available. I logged out, tried another browser, nothing. If I click “upgrade” it says I’m uising 2.7 and it’s the latest version.



    Me too. Upgraded two, waiting on third. I just assume it’s slow at picking it up (although weird, all three are hosted on the same server). Anyway I’ll check again tomorrow but glad to know I’m not the only one!

    Wade Kwon


    Well, I did update the first one, no problem, very smooth.

    Still waiting for the second one to recognize that an update is available.



    My third one finally recognized the upgrade – got it done as well. Yay!



    In case you’re impatient like me and one (or more) of your blogs isn’t seeing the new version of WordPress you can try this in your database. Using something like phpMyAdmin, load the wp_options table and browse for the field update_core. Once you edit it, you’ll see something along these lines in there:


    Look carefully at the part right after “last_checked”;i:1234333712;s. That seems to be the integer that stores the time that wordpress last checked for a new version. Try changing 1234333712 to something like 1134333712. A reload of your dashboard should immediately show the new version for upgrading.

    Of course, if you mess that up, add a digit or otherwise mess up that long string, I have no idea what might happen to your blog. Proceed with caution but it worked first time for me.




    I’m also experiencing this problem, until now the upgrade now update is not showing up…

    I want to upgrade now but it seems that it’ll taking too long for my blog to see the upgrade.




    In case you’re impatient like me and one (or more) of your blogs isn’t seeing the new version of WordPress you can try this in your database.

    Thanks rbredow, that fixed the problem for me.



    Core Developer

    As others have eluded to, WordPress only checks for updates every 12 hours (This goes for Core, Plugins and Themes – All of which are separate checks).

    So whilst Blog A might check at 1am/1pm, Blog B might check at 11am/11pm, So if an update is released at say, 10am, Blog B will find it first (at 11, Whilst Blog A has to wait an extra 2 hours).

    The random times are completely random, If yours checked a minute before the update was released, Then you’ve got to wait near 12 hours..

    You can force a check by modifying the update_core option, or deleting it all together.



    As dd32 says, you can delete the update_core option, rather than editing the data inside it.

    Deleting the entry is probably a safer option, as editing serialised data can have potentially catastrophic consequences — one typo can cause PHP to consume gigantic amounts of memory and CPU, and may cause your account to be suspended, if you are on shared hosting.

    my wordpress blog does not detect any new version. it is now at 2.7.1 which i upgraded manually.
    I wish to use the built it auto upgrade but it never seem to update it. and i follow what u all said above… i did not see the update_core option in the wp_option table … i’m stuck now.

    i wanna upgrade to the latest 2.8.3 .. or at least got to use the built in auto upgrade. please anyone guide me. thanks.

    I have the same problem a long time. This problem affects updates plug-ins. Even after removing update_plugins I have no information about the updates. On an external server but everything is working properly on the local server (localhost) I can not get information about new plugins updates.

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