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  • JUST installed the latest 2.7.1 version – and i’m surprised to see that image upload problem is back again.

    I’ve read and tried to search on this forum without success for solution. I’ve only found that this occurred before in previous versions.

    If i enter a new post and try to add images, the path it tries to access the photo is:

    therefore the image is not visible with broken path as they are physically located here:

    The upload folder is not there. Why is this happening ? I cannot imagine this would be a bug was left by the development team.

    Strangely, i’ve played with older version and didn’t encounter this before.

    HOW COME THE 2.7.1 doesn’t work straight “from the box?!
    What am i missing ?

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  • Hate to do this, but i see threads being resolved all over but this one ignored ?

    Anyone who can help with this ?

    Hey Joe,

    In your settings/misc settings is your upload path: wp-content/uploads ?

    That helped ! 🙂 I knew it must be something simple.
    The only other question, why is this not by default and working right away?

    Probably because many people (like myself) move the uploads folder somewhere else (and call is something else)…

    Thanks musnake, your post helped me. It looks like this is actually a bug. WordPress defaults to wp-content, right next to the field is says “Defaults to wp-content/uploads” I know I never changed that because this is a fresh install. One more thing though, I had to also turn off safe mode for PHP to get uploads working.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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