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  • I just upgraded to 2.7.1 and am having issues inserting images into posts. When I include a caption and alignment info with the image, WordPress no longer parses the info to add the appropriate markup to the HTML. Instead, it simply discards it.

    e.g. I insert an image into a post, and the WordPress image uploader generates the following markup:

    [caption id="attachment_47" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Test caption"]

    However, when viewed on the blog post, the image isn’t right-aligned and the caption text is missing. If I check the source, there is no class=”alignright” attached to the image. In 2.7 I didn’t have this problem.

    I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue or if there is something unique to my setup which is messing things up.


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    I am pretty sure this is something on your end. Have you turned of all widgets and tried it? Have you substitued the default theme and tried it?

    No, I was hoping not to have to mess around too much with my live site. I may set up a duplicate WP install and try to troubleshoot it. It could very well be a plugin.

    Don’t bother! I tried reinstalling and it did NOTHING. Images still will not show up in posts. We need someone from to respond to this.

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    rapidreasoning Most people do not have any problem with this. When people do have problems there is a pretty standard approach. Themes and widgets cause most of the problems along with missing files. Your issue is very different than Nigelw. I suggest you start your own post and if you haven’t please read the sticky at the top of the page.

    Nigelw URL, theme – it would be nice to know this.
    Setting up a test site up is a good idea if you don’t want to interupt your site. Are you inserting the image using the visual editor or html editor? Are you switching back and forth? Also AFIK, your css would override the image settings done in the editor so you might have a look at that.

    I’ve disabled the visual editor, so all this is happening while using the html editor. I’m 99% sure this isn’t an issue with my css, as prior to 2.7.1 my theme inserted images with all types of alignment without any problems. My bet is on a plugin interfering somehow. I may get the chance this weekend to troubleshoot. If I find anything I’ll post here.

    I’m guessing for most of you that are reading this, you’re using ie6/7/8, correct?

    I found that when using the visual editor and adding an image, a CSS of alignnone was added, since I didn’t want any alignment on my image.

    The issue was that alignnone wasn’t declare in my CSS and apparently that didn’t go over well with IE 6/7/8.

    So the solution for me was to add:

    .alignnone {
    	float: none

    to the style.css and ‘voila!’ image is now being displayed.

    Hope this helps!

    I am having this exact problem with no idea how to rectify.

    I finally got around to setting up a duplicate wordpress install to test this issue. Turns out it wasn’t the upgrade to 2.7.1 that caused the issue, as it exists under 2.7 as well. I shouldn’t have been so hasty in jumping to that conclusion.

    Going through my plugins, I’ve discovered that wp-typogrify is the culprit of all the above issues. Disabling it brings back the proper wordpress alignment & caption behaviour. I see on the author’s homepage that he is merging his work into the wp-hyphenate plugin. I’ll try using that instead and see how I fare. Hopefully this info helps resolve others’ issues.

    [Edit: I incorrectly stated the author of wp-typogrify is ceasing development. That’s not necessarily the case, he’s just in the process of merging with wp-hyphenate.]

    For me it was the Acronyms plugin.

    FYI, wp-Typogrify and wp-Hyphenate have officially merged. The union is wp-Typography. This plugin plays nicely with image captions.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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