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    I see you stick with that godawful widget screen from 2.5 and 2.6, where I have to remove, then add again, losing all the settings.
    Pat on the back.
    /sarcasm off

    Seriously, why?
    It’s the main sticking point for 8 of my wordpress users, and combined they run about 20 blogs.
    All of them were willing to wait for 2.7 and an improved widget area.
    Seeing this (I have it installed on a test blog for them to play with) the first reaction was “Not going to upgrade to that one, either”

    So here I am, looking for an alternative blogging platform, because I know where it’s heading with my guys. They’re done. They want to switch to something else now.
    The admin screen has improved slightly, but it’s the widget area they liked in 2.3.1 (I did too) with the nice drag and drop, and having all widget areas visible at once.
    Grab a widget from Bar1 and drag it to Bar2 – done.
    2.5-2.7 has killed that functionality completely.
    On top of this, one of my users just managed to add all the widgets to the HEADER. She told me she had Sidebar1 selected, but that’s not where they went.
    She changed the dropdown, yes. But I’m guessing she didn’t hit “Show” after. So while she thought she was adding it all to Sidebar1 (because that’s what showed in the dropdown), it was still adding everything to the header.
    Since she could only see 1 bar at a time, she had no idea where the widgets were going.
    Wow. Talk about screwed up.

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  • The one thing I want to see implemented is “SHOW ALL BARS” so people can drag and drop between them.
    Why not add it? It would make a lot of people happy.

    And BTW – Text Widget STILL removes all text that was there when you remove it, so you can add it to another bar.



    Community Organizer

    We wanted to completely overhaul the widget management screen, but unfortunately the code for that screen was too complex for us to fix it and maintain backwards compatibility with the short time frame. It’s on the list for 2.8 along with fixing the media functions we didn’t have time to include either.

    We know it’s a pain the way it is now. We all have to use it too. 2.8 is due in February. We prioritized the write screen, comment moderation and the dashboard over widgets in terms of what we could do in time for 2.7 because people access those screens every single day, while widgets, though a pain, are accessed much less frequently by the vast majority of people.



    Thanks for the reply, Jane.

    I gotta tell ya though, 2.8 is the very last chance.
    Most of my guys still sit on 2.3.3 because of it and I’m being nagged for a different blogging platform nearly every day.
    I don’t dare put 2.7 up for a whole bunch of them, based on what the feedback on the test install was, because I’ll be the one who gets to bloody fix it when they screw it all up… :/

    Here’s a question:

    Why can’t I have the same sidebar(s) for every screen? It seems no matter what I do, widgets and navigation are missing vs present in random configurations for internal screens. Why will the front home page show all my widgets and/or navigation, and various posts and pages only show random assortments of them, if any at all?

    If I could find a pattern, I could work with them, but I’m being reduced to adding code directly to sidebars. I would MUCH rather work with widgets, because I don’t want to spend a lot of time customizing a theme before finding out it’s not working and I need to find a new theme (losing all my customization work).

    What IS the pattern for when widgets and navigation will and won’t appear?



    In 2.8, will we be able to control widget display between home and single? As what I see now in 2.7, once you add a widget, it will show up in home and single pages.

    Am I mistaken here?

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