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  • jadm5000


    I upgraded to the 2.7 today and the page that says DASHBOARD doesnt show anything I had before! Where is my plugin list page and all the other stuff ontop of the dashboard page when I had 2.6? I cant do sh– now, 2.7 stinks! There arent even any links to any of the stuff! I have no left side column. I am very stuck now. I had NO probs with any upgrades until THIS one.

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  • djmgyx


    Same problem here, upgraded and have the main blocks but no side blocks with any of my other options such as settings or plugins.



    Ive googled it and found nothing, if i do i will post it here, can you do the same? thanks, this is bothersome as heck



    I’ve got a left sidebar with all options, including the plugins-link.



    I found the solution, if you have a drop down menu installed delete /deactivate it either through the blog or in my case i had to find the folder on my domain and delete it via filezilla….poof fixed



    I upgraded to WP 2.7 and don’t see the comments and the category. Even the dashboard shows that I have 0 posts, 0 comments, 0 everything, although the site shows me all the posts.

    I have been facing the same problem since i upgraded to 2.6.5. I thought after upgrading to 2.7, it will be resolved. Check here

    But somehow it did not.

    My comments and categories do not show in the the admin panel even after the upgrade. What is the solution for this?



    jadm5000, that is the fix! In my case it was the lighter admin dropdown menus. As soon as I deleted it everything came back. According to the plugins’ webpage it’s only good up to WP 2.6.5.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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