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    I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere. However, I just installed RC1 to my dev copy of the site. While I’m on the site, everything works fine. But the moment I go into the admin panel, Firefox crashes hard.

    I tried restarting the browser, but it always continues to happen. I assume this isn’t a rampant problem, as I haven’t seen any other reports of it. So I’m curious as to what may be causing it. Any ideas?

    I’m running:

    Windows XP
    Firefox 3.0.4
    Wordpress 2.7 RC1
    Flash: WIN 10,0,12,36

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    The admin panel should not be able to do that.., it’s just HTML, CSS, and sometimes Flash.

    I’ve had bizarre Firefox 3.0.x problems before, unrelated to WordPress.

    Try exiting Firefox and running Firefox in SafeMode. Once you are in safe mode, try resetting everything and see if the issue still exists for you.

    Alright, after going through all my add-ons, I’ve determined that the Paypal plugin (The Official one) for Firefox causes the crash. With it installed, it crashes once you go to that tab. With it disabled, it’s all fine. Anyone else using this or willing to try using it to verify this? Sounds like I need to make a bug report for that. Going to try and figure out where to do that at…

    Edit: Bug Reported ( )

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    Huh? That’s a PayPal plug-in bug, not a WordPress bug.

    Firefox crashed.

    When your server sends back XHTML, CSS, etc.that should not crash Firefox. At best Firefox should generate an error. Crashing is an unacceptable response and is a problem with FireFox and that plug-in.

    It may be a problem with how the plug-in interacts with the page. However, it still involves whatever is happening on the admin panel. If it was as simple as saying “It’s the Plug-in”, then the plug-in would be having problems with other sites and pages as well. But it isn’t, that I’ve seen. Something on that page is causing issues that the plug-in can’t handle.

    Now, if the WordPress people decide that they don’t care about how Paypal interacts with blogs, that’s their choice. They can ignore the issue, and hope that Paypal fixes it themselves. However, Paypal is not a small company. A lot of people use their services, especially in the blogosphere. I think they at least owe it to people to look into the issue.

    Either way, it’s a bug, and I’ve reported it. It’s up to them to decide whether or not they care. I recall several bug fixes where WordPress doesn’t display correctly in IE. That’s an IE problem, not a WordPress problem. However, sometimes you have to make sure that those issues that effect your customers are fixed by you, even if it’s not your fault.

    This is a Paypal bug. The Trac ticket was rightly discarded.

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    Saberj, if WordPress was crashing Firefox, without the plugin, I suspect you’d be right. But. Since the plugin isn’t open source, how can you expect WordPress to debug it? The problem isn’t ‘something on the page is causing the plugin to puke’ but ‘The plugin is crashing firefox when using WordPress.’ And that’s something you should report to Paypal. It’s the official Paypal plugin, they should support it.

    Firefox sometimes crashes when I save/update posts in WP 2.7 RC1. Something like every 3rd or 4th save.

    I suspect it has something to do with JS. When I restore the browsers session everything is back to norm (the post is saved).

    Win XP, Firefox

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    UseShots, try upgrading to FF 3 for XP. A LOT of annoying things like that were fixed.

    Just trying to help. It’s pretty obvious after seeing that the one singular page causes crashes when I’ve seen no other pages cause that, that it’s an issue that is caused between the interaction of the two pieces of software. Paypal is obviously causing the crash. Nobody is disputing that. However, something is obviously causing Paypal to have fits with the page.

    As I said, if nobody wants to look at it, that’s their decision. I’m trying to use my blog. I fixed the problem for myself. I’m just trying to cause less headaches for people down the line. As far as I’m concerned, this issue has no further effect on me.

    My point was only that the plugin is popular, and something on that particular page causes problems with it. It will come up again. You can’t always rely on the people at fault to fix problems that effect you as well.

    Anyway, I think this discussion is done. A moderator can feel free to lock the topic, or whatever.

    I’m getting routine crashes in FireFox 3.0. I’m not running any plugins, so this may be a different instance of the above PayPal issue.

    I’m getting the impression it is related to JavaScript because each instance has been with the ‘Paste from Text’ and ‘Paste from Word’ pop-ups. I wish I had better details… and will post more if I can nail it down.

    I’m running version 2.7.1

    I’ve started getting routine crashes when I try and install a plugin or upload images it seems to be when the lightbox type effect kicks in, the bit where the screen goes opaque just before the window pops up. If you catch my drift. Strange I have a number of blogs and only this 2.7.1 does this. But it works fine in IE7???

    But strangly lightbox2 works fine to view pictures in Firefox 3.0.10 and in IE7

    Just been through every Firefox add on and I’ve fixed my issue by disabling Google Gears. The whole systems works fine. Thought it may help someone

    Disabling Google Gears has solved my problems as well.

    Jeff Chandler


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    Just wanted to chime in and say that I’m running FireFox 3.0.8 and I’ve noticed in the past few days that when I click the button to add/upload a photo, click on the button to install a plugin or a theme, that FireFox crashes. This happens with WordPress 2.7.1 and 2.8 Beta 2. I’ve discovered today that when I disable Google Gears, I am able to do all of that stuff just fine without any issues.

    I have no idea what would cause it to break as it seemed to be working just fine before hand.

    Firefox 3.0.10 and WP 2.7.1 here. I had this same problem, and disabling the Google Gears add-on fixed my problem, too.

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