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    I’ve just upgraded to 2.7 and everything seems to be working, except that when I change the layout of the dashboard (say, moving the widgets around or disabling some of them with Screen Options) the changes aren’t saved. If I move to another admin page (say, Plugins, or Settings), the layout of the dashboard will be back to its default, no matter what I do.

    I tried disabling all plugins and the problem still remained.

    Any ideas?

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  • It is a closely-help WordPress secret that the developers forgot to include a feature to save dashboard layout, making all of these movable and collapsible dashboard widgets completely useless. Oh well, things like that happen sometimes. Hopefully, they will address this glaring omission in the next release.


    Now that’s odd. Just for the heck of it, I just moved all of the left column dashboard items to the right column, logged out, closed my browser, (Firefox), cleared everything on exit, logged back into my dashboard, and things were just as I left them. Everything still in the right right side column exactly where I placed them. I wonder what that is all about? Maybe because I didn’t navigate away from the changes before logging out? Very strange.

    Yep’. That was it for me. If I re-arrange, navigate to a different page, (say, edit posts) and then go back the dashboard changes don’t stick. If I make changes, log out right away, then log back in, they seem to stick.

    Huh.. How ’bout that. I never noticed before.


    I have been plagued with this on 4 sites while the 5th works fine – all operating with Virtual Multiblog on the SAME WP files!
    Here is how I fixed it on ALL blogs:

    1. Disable ALL plugins
    2. Revert to the DEFAULT theme
    3. Make ONE (1) change to the screen options (add or delete only one item – or move only one item at at time) then click on another function (view posts, etc)
    4. Return to the dashboard options & make 1 more change.
    5. Continue until all desired changes are done.
    6. Restore the desired theme
    7. Restore the plugins one-at-a-time or at least in small groups – then make any necessary changes to the dashboard options
    8. Continue activating plugins & making ONE change at a time to the dashboard options until all plugins are active & all options are like you want them.

    NOTICE! the wp-o-matic plugin will write on top of the stats in on the dashboard!
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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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