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  • That link goes to a 404 page.

    Have you tried recopying the 2.7 install files?
    Disabled plugins? (especially any editor related plugins)
    Cleared your browser cache?

    I have recopied the files, I am actually scared to do that since other problems are manifesting with the new version, it’s really not good. Cleared cache, I have no editor plug-ins. Not sure why 404.

    At this point I would like to UNinstall the upgrade and go back to previous version, would you know how to do that?

    I do have auto back up and have the previous files, but I am not sure how to restore those.


    sorry meant to say have NOT recopied files

    That would be the first place to start.
    If you aren’t corrupting the files (like using binary FTP) you certainly can’t break things. Remember: Your content is in the database, it isn’t affected by simply recopying files.

    Just be sure to have a safe copy of your wp-config.php before you start.

    Okay, how do you recopy the files just run the auto upgrade plug-in again? Or do I have to do it manually?

    what upgrade plug-in are you using? Since it didn’t seem to do a great job I’d say go manually this time. It really isn’t that tough to do 🙂

    Perhaps over simplified, but:

    • Get the download package from here.
    • Unzip ’em on your local machine.
    • FTP ’em to your host.

    Details at Upgrading_WordPress

    I am using WordPress Automatic Upgrade by Keith Desouza, always worked well in the past have always used it.

    Now, I do not use FTP, I usually just add files and extract directly from my cpanel in hosting, if I upload them there will it automatically overwrite the current files?

    I just recopied all the files and those buttons still don’t work, I noticed that others are having problems as well with buttons and the dashboard interface as well

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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